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What is a latina/latino?

I used to think that it was a person from Latin America or South America, but a guy I know said he was a latino because his family is from Sicily. I thought about it & it made sense, but a bunch of people disagree. Me & a guy @ work were arguing about whether a girl (that stoner girl @ work from a previous post if anyone remembers) he wants to stuff is a latina or not. I said she is & he got all giddy but when I said it was because she’s french he said no. What does everybody think? Depending on the definition, a lot of us could be latinos (me included-but so distantly related I don’t even identify w/it) btw this isn’t a big deal or anything, i’m sure people with all kinds of different heritage, etc are no less Canadian than me I was just wondering.

I’m not the expert on the subject but as I understand it, a latino(a) is a person of Spanish descent. Therefore all Spanish and people from a country that was colonized by Spain are regarded as latinos. That’s the current use for the word but if you take it literally then all countries whose language derives from Latin are latino making a Sicilian well latino. Of course, in the US he would be considered Italian-American not latino. But in reality and all fairness he is latino.

The true Latin peoples, ethnically speaking, are the French, Italians, and WHITE Spaniards. The majority of so-called “Latinos” from Mexico and many other nations of “Latin America” are mestizo mongrels. A mestizo is a Mongoloid/Caucasoid hybrid (part American Indian, part White Spaniard). Puerto Ricans are Mulattos with varying degrees of Negro and Spanish Caucasian genes. Some are predominantly Negroid, while others have a predominantly Caucasoid appearance. These mestizo/mulatto mongrels are not Latin just because they speak a Latin language. Such an assertion is as bizarre as it would be to call a U.S. Negro an “Anglo-Saxon” because he speaks English!

True latinos actually are French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese,Basque, Rumanians or any one from (or whose origins come from) a country whose language is derived from Latin. That is what all of these countries have in common, Latin. No it’s not bizzare to say a person is latino because the language spoken in their nation comes from Latin. It’s how those countries are categorized. Language. They belong to the same group because they have a common origin…language. And ,in this particular case, the language is Latin. Hence their categorization as latino. So ethnically speaking all of the above mentioned coutries plus latin-american countries that,by the way all speak a romance language(latin derived) are latinos. And Mexicans are not just mestizo and Puertoricans are not just mulato. There were both in both coutries but now a days its not as simple as that. Puerto Rico has been colonized by the US for 100+ yrs adding a plethora of ethnicities to puertorican blood(yet puertoricans are still considered latino because their first language is Castellano). Most countries are now melting pots and cannot be easily categorized except by language because language is culture.

Hey, Sarah, I just taught my parrot to say a few words in Latin. My feathered friend can now claim equality with mestizos! Just kidding, I didn’t mean to insult my parrot.

Hey I think you’re new sarah, so I’ll give you a heads up. Just ignore Jason R. Baran, otherwise known as lithium X. Now, as for the topic, I believe latino or latina is used just because they are latin and either it’s made masculine or feminine. I had asked my friend once why Spanish people were called latinos and not Italians (which I am). He’s a puerto rican studies major and very into his culture. He didn’t know. I think it’s just something that was adopted and just used by hispanics.

Sarah, the basque language IS NOT a language derived from Latin. Please inform yourself before you make ridiculous and offensive statements.

I’m sorry. Did not mean to offend anyone. But if Basque is not from Latin then from where? A sincere question. I did inform myself before writing it down. Of course, my sources may have been wrong. As such, I would appreciate to learn something new. And anyways the current use for a latino is for someone who speaks Spanish.period.And originally used strictly for Spanish-speakers living in the US. Eventualy it spread to all Spanish-speakers in America;North, South, Central… Not French, Italian etc. though they could be said as such…could. Spaniards would never allow to be called latinos either. The crime! But hey, I can’t help but to be proud of my heritage.

You don’t have to answer my question. Yes my sources were wrong by including this particular language as a Latin-derived one. I stand corrected. No one really knows(for sure) the origin of the Basque language. Please accept my sincerest apology.

My information on Basque is that it is a language with “no known linguistic affiliation.” That is, it is an “original” or “root” language in and of itself.

Wow! I’m a latino, and I didn’t even know it. I’ve never considered myself latino in anyway, but I do have quite a bit of French and Portueguese blood in me. Interesting. I thought it was only for spanish-speaking/ethnic backgrounds.

Hey I’m Latino now too. LOL. This is silly. :slight_smile: