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What is a Kettlebell Woodchopper?


Could somebody please describe how this is performed? I read in another thread that these can be done Tabata-style and was interested.

Unfortunately, Youtube and similar sites are BLOCKED here in China, so I can't watch a video demo on line.



hard to explain without writing a lot, but ill give it a shot

start with the kettlebell in a clean position, feet side by side, hip width
overlap free hand over gripped hand
lunge and throw kb towards opposite hip, simultaneously
retract back to starting position...

hope that helps lol


Go into a forest with a pair of kettlebells that you can swing comfortably. Find a large tree. Swing said kettlebells at the trunk of the tree in 20 second intervals with 10 seconds rest until you fell the tree. Great workout man.


You just blew my mind.

A chopper would be as follows:

Feet shoulder width apart, start with kettle bell inbetween legs (knees slightly bent, as if you were starting a kettle bell swing). From that position you use explosive power to bring the kettlebell above your head, keeping your arms relatively straight, while simultaneously straightening out your body. You should look like he-man with a kettlebell right now. Explode back down to teh start position. They're called choppers because they look like you're 'chopping wood' with a kettlebell, rather than an axe.

They can also be done from side to side, rather than going straight up, go up at an angle.

Your start position can be on the left or right of your leg, and bring the kettle bell diagonally up to the opposite side using the same movement.

I hope that helps, they're tough to put into words though.


Here is a .mov demonstrating the movement as I think of it:


Not to sound like an asshole, but using your method with a heavier kettlebell or even a light one would do some serious damage to the back, due to the center of mass of the 'bell'. With a dumbbell, its ok to do it with your method since the weight is distributed evenly, but with a kettlebell, doing this would create a lot of torque on the way down and cause the bell to pendulum through your legs in a bad way...

The first poster left an accurate description of how I personally do them and how I personally have seen them performed at higher levels.
For your sake here's a video, though unfortunately it doesnt help the OP any further..

To answer the OP's questoin, the lunge variation detailed above is pretty accurate if you can get your head around it....


Thanks guys. The KB woodchopper is now clear. But the KB woodchopper lunge remains a mystery to me.

Might it be something like this:

but with a woodchopper (down to the side) instead of a snatch (center, between legs)?