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What Is a Good Quality Shoe?


I have always worn adidas running shoes, but recently I ahve noticed that my heals and shins have been huritng. I do about 2 hrs of low intensity cardio, 1 hr of HIIT, and around 3-4 hrs of weight training a week. I was just wondering what type of shoe is good quality. Should I get a running shoe, cross training, or something else? Also what brands are the best? I would like to spend no more that $100. Thanks.


do you run at all? if you are, chances are good your not running correctly. Sounds like it to me if your heel and shins are hurting. Most people tend to run on their heels and this is bad for the heel, the shin, the knee and all the way up the kinetic chain. You want to run on the ball of your foot. Watch sprinters, marathon runners etc... they all run on the ball of the foot. Try working on learning that and see if that fixes your problem before you run out and buy a new shoe imo


I assume you mean for training. I wear my low top chucks all the time, including lifting and running. But I doubt you would want to do that, so buy some nike frees 5.0. They have a little arch support, if you want more support buy the trainers.


I think romanaz is right. Are you jogging/running? Anyway, I use an Asics running shoe, but I don't run. They are comfy and breathable.


Chuck's for running is a bad recommendation imo. Were not rocky. lol

I'd recommend visiting a specialist running shop and having them assess your gait. It shouldnt be too hard to find providing your not too remote. Your trainers (shoes as you guys call them) may simply be no good anymore - or there could be an underlying problem.

A personal favourite of mine is the Mizuno Wave series - they have something to fit all gaits and running styles.

Nike free's seem to be hit and miss. Some love them, some hate - I cant comment as I haven't tried them.


Find out what shoe eliteballa3 is holding. That shoe is a legend.


try nike frees. they are a super comfortable all around shoe.


For 100 dollars, you can go to a specialized running store. Someone will assess your feet and have you try on several pairs of shoes. They also encourage you to run around in each pair to test them out.

I used to be a marathon runner (which is pretty much a sin on this website) and most of my shoes cost about $80-100. If you select your own pair of shoes off the internet, chances are that they won't be a proper type for your feet. Go to a running store.

As for lifting, I use high top chuck taylors for everything. $35 for a solid pair of shoes.


I hear about the comfort, etc, but everyone also reckons they fall apart waaaay to quickly - what have you experienced?

I can get 2 pairs of nice, comfortable Puma's for the price of frees here.


I've had a pair of Frees 7.0 and they haven't fellen apart at all. Admittedly though, I only wear them twice a week, for DLs and squating. I think they are a good buy personally.


Shoe brand means almost nothing in itself since each manufacturer produces shoes for different categories. The more meaningful consideration is which category you're selecting.

My opinion is that athletic shoes- expecially running shoes- are among the biggest loads of SHIT in all of training mythology. Most of the different bells and whistles availible (arch support, pronation control, cushioning, etc.) are worthless for most people and can actually be quite disruptive to the natural mechanics of the feet and limbs. All "shoe technology" has been developed to support the marketing efforts of shoe componies, and I suspect that it has been responsible for causing far more injuries than it has prevented.

What most athletes need is a minimalistic shoe with a thin, flexible sole that interferes minimally with the mechanics of the bare foot. Better yet, train barefoot whenever possible!

Don't ever rely on information associated with any kind of financial interests (which nearly all footwear literature is), and don't take advice from podiatrists who pay for their BMWs by making orthotics and other kindsof junk for your feet. Go barefoot/minimalist, develop strong, healthy feet, and avoid the need for any kind of footwear pseudoscience.


I take it you would be in favor of Nike Frees then? I think you make some very solid points and I would agree.


I went to a running store to get a good pare. The lady that helped was into marathons and other types of racing. She measured my foot for size then watched me walk and squat down to see if you supinate or pronate. Then I got a great shoe.

What works for one guy might not be a good choice for another.


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I got some Nike Free 7.0 ID's for $100. The instant I put them on I stopped over-pronating. I don't point my toes outward anymore either. They land pointing straight ahead whenever I run or land. I've spend hundreds of dollars getting a set of orthotics and I've purchased brooks brand sneakers, ascis, and all those other shoes that are supposed to be great for your feet.

Nike Frees are the way to go. While a bunch of Nike's technology is complete bullshit (the Nike Shox) the Nike Free design is the real deal.

They're great for lifting too. I can't imagine any other shoe that would be better for lifting.


They've been fine for me. I lift in them and do my high intensity cardio with them. I do use a pair of aasics for running long distance though.

I'll jump rope, sprint and box jump with the frees though and havn't had any problems.