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What is a Good Method to Prepare for a NASCAR Race?


I have a race coming up in a few weeks, and I want to be prepared. Last time I raced, it had also been a while, so I was not prepared. It was around mid-June, and it was ~105* at the track. Inside the car, it felt much hotter than that. After just one of two practice sessions, I was defeated by the sun. I didn't even want to get back in the car. My suit was already drenched in sweat. I felt so weak in the race. I really had to lean onto the wheel with my entire body. Any time I had to catch the car from breaking loose, it was very difficult. My goal went from trying to win the race, to trying to finish it. After 20 laps of 50, I made up my mind that I was pulling in, and psyched myself into staying out.

To the point.....

I am thinking that perhaps in order to train for a race, I should simply try to simulate race conditions. I have been wearing heavy winter clothing, and running outside. Its been averaging 90* here in NC lately. My question... Will this make me better on raceday, or is it impossible to train for heat?


squats and milk ?


Practice driving your car?


shut up and lift ?


Shut up and drive?


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WAapKx2TvM ??


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Get an ice vest and wear that when you race?

Or one of those neck cooler things?

Roll down a window? :slight_smile:


Ok thanks guys. I'll do all of the above.