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What is a Good 225lb Rep Max?

Hey all,

I just started powerlifting and while I don’t have record breaking numbers, I decided to test my 225lb bench press max. I got 12 reps. I’m not completely satisfied, as I have bigger goals but I was wondering if that’s a decent number?? Thanks for the input and here’s a link to the video:

Any critique is much appreciated!

Depends on your bodyweight and how long you’ve been training.

As a guide, I think I could get 225x12 when I hit 3 plates so shows you’ve been training but nothing spectacular.

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As Intermediate athlete I would say your 1RM should be between 1.25-1.5x bodyweight. So if you weigh 200lbs your 1RM could be 300. Plug that into a reverse 1RM calculator gets you about 10 reps. So if you weigh 200lbs 12 reps is not bad at all.

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Unless your planning to do the NFL combine. A 225 rep max doesn’t really means much in regards to powerlifting.


If 225 is a weight you would use for work sets then your bench isn’t that great, but everyone starts somewhere.


I was only using it to warm up and see what I could do a burn out set with. I hit 325 for a single yesterday as well (which I know isn’t anything great) but I’m hoping to improve.