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what is a 'fitness celebrity'?

Who is John Basedow? What makes him a celebrity? How does doing 20 lb DB bench press 3 times a week make you lose fat? How can I get a lusty haircut like his?

is this the same guy who promotes his own abs video and has that “sunken in face” look??? Just curious

He has no neck and looks like he could use some food.

That bothers me.

Guys like that make me hope and pray that they are far and few between!

let’s beat him up.

No offense to anyone else who does, but I’ve always thought he had a “girl” waist as opposed to a “guy” waist.

I’ve taken dumps bigger than that guy. He’s just a pouty-mouth sissy trying to make a buck. If the sheep give it to him, more power to him - it still won’t make him a man.

That guy creeps me the hell out. Something looks wrong with him.

Jodgey, he’s a celebrity cause he is paying the bucks to have a commercial made on national tv. Also he paid the bucks to make a video. And he knows and/or is gifted in the area of starving/exercising a lot to keep his bf/lbm low.

I agree, he is too skinny. Nice leanness, but needs a lot more muscle. He really needs to eat some food every now and then…

He’s also really creepy because he maintains that stance where you have a slight twist of the body, making your waste look smaller - it seems like he should be talking to the side of the tv, but is turning to acknowledge you or something.

This is one thing that I have been noticing a lot in my gym. Guys who are basically just doing cardio the whole time, and more than anything just want to be skinny, instead of muscular, like it is the hip thing to do. What happened to having large muscles? I guess some people just dont get it.

Those Queer Eye folk are probably saying that women don’t like that “muscled” look. Just too bumby and lumpy ya know?

Thus the metrosheep are just following orders. Don’t be too hard on 'em now.

Let them eat their salads in peace :slight_smile: