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What is 5X5? and why is it sos special

I have seen this 5x5 popping up over this discussion board. what is it and how is it used and what is it used for? thanks

Read the threads, it’ll explain it. Also, the “Response to Don Alessi’s…” is where the discussion started. Good Luck.

Read the “Don Alessi’s Response to Meltdown on Low Carbs” posted started by me. If you have trouble finding it with the search engine, say so and I’ll bump it up for you. BTW, Joel’s got an article in the works on this exact topic. Hopefully, we’ll see it soon.

It’s not that special. It was popularized in the early 1900s as a strength program. For some reason, people are using it now for while trying to lose fat. Doesn’t make much sense, and yes, I’ve read the stuff by the Body for Lifer dude. It’s just “new” so people are excited.