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What Injection Sites to Shoot First?


So far all I've done is quads and glutes for over 1cc injections and I shoot the delts for under 1cc injections.I'm getting to the point that these sites are still sore when it comes to my next injection.I've never had this problem before but with injecting tren ace every day it's created this problem.

I'm just wondering what is the best choice after these sites.I imagine it might have to do with muscle mass but I just wanted to clarify.

So I guess my choices next would be (in no particular order).


Also when choosing these other sites should I consider what body part I will be working out next.I prob only need 1 more site to give the others a chance to recover.

Anyways any thoughts would be appreciated.


ventro-gluteal is a great site.



my personal fav


Hey there,

Can either of the above posters give a good way to find the exact spot of the Ventro glute. Thanks.


The easiest way is to triangulate between the trochanter (ball joint connecting leg to hip), Ilium (front of hip bone) and Iliac crest (back of hip bone). Do this with fingers to get an idea of where the muscle is located (in the middle of those 3 points). Additionally if you move your leg up and down and around a bit while feeling for the muscle between those 3 points you'll clearly feel a large muscle target there and confidently be able to inject there. If you are nervous, you can make an imprint from a pen cap or such to mark the spot. There is a large area that is OK so it really isn't a problem. See graphic provided by Dirty Gerdy if I remember correctly.


dont try the triceps unless if you have experiance shooting.

any smaller muscles take a little bit of skill its not hard just have to know what your doing or you can hurt pretty bad.

try glutes first I would say


thanks DH


Sounds good.I'm just really nervous about hitting the siatic(sp) nerve.

I use 1 1/2 inch for the glutes do I use that or 1' for the ventro-gluteal or even 5/8 inch needle?


Granted the sciatic nerve does run down the thigh from the glute, but it should be close to 6 inches away from the ventro-glute injection site.

I've used 1, 1 1/4 and 1 1/2" there without any problems. 5/8" might be getting a tad small, though I'm sure there are some that do it. If you go too shallow and the oil is near the muscle surface it can get a little sore.


People scared of hitting the sciatic nerve, especially those thinking they are going to hit it when injecting VG, clearly do not have a good grasp of where it lies anatomically. No offense. But seriously, you'd have to be shooting way toward the inside, near your butt-crack, to start to get near the sciatic nerve.

VG is a superior site exactly because it is so far away from areas heavily concentrated with nerves or blood vessels. It is also extremely easy to access. It's a great site. Use of the search bar on this site should provide anyone all the information they need, as both its location and efficacy have been discussed ad nauseum on this site.


i shot both sides VG with test P/tren and holy chit my lower back and hips were fuking sore!! i also only have 1 1/2 pins and got a little nervious going deeper than 1/2 the pin in the VG.


Sounds good.I'll give the VG a shot.

Also I have been searching trying to get 22 gauge 1 1/2 inch needles and no one has them,

Last place I went had 20 gauge 1 1/2 inch.I ended up buying 20 and injected yesterday.The gauge is huge though and man do I feel it today.

Is this to big to use and will it cause any damage or possible scar tissue build up?


I tried shooting this site yesterday. I was not sure I had the right area so I decided against it. I will do some more research as I can't solely rely on the above diagram.


Deafwoody - I've never used a 20 to shoot (only to draw), but yeah, I can imagine that it'd suck. You'd definitely want to wait longer before going back to the same site if you're using a big bore like that. You should be able to use 23's and 25's to cover everything.

Game Time - Try to feel the muscle. Without being technical, it's basically above the top of the femur (and slightly forward) and below the point of the hip. Sit down and bend your leg... or try one of those hip abductor machines that your girl uses :slightly_smiling: Should be cake after that.


Yes it's too big and YES it will very quickly cause a lot of scar tissue build up! 20g 1.5"...yeesh.

Go to research laboratory supply (google it) and get your needles, for cryin out loud, man. They have everything you could possibly want. Where exactly is it that you are looking currently that only has horse needles?

I don't even like 22s. A 23g 1.25" works in every site I shoot. It's a great gauge and all around good length.


Nobody shoots in the delts? I did my injections there when I was running test cyp (2x a week 375mg) using a 20g in the delts, never had any pain or swelling or any ill effects.


Sure, most of us shoot in the delts, but the OP asked for one more site and the VG was a glaring omission. It can handle a large volume easily and is pretty much the last site to give you any sort of trouble.

A 20 for the delts? Damn, that seems unnecessarily large. You're tougher than me :slight_smile:



Tried it today went smooth.Used a 1".

I'll be interested how it feels over the next couple of days.



I tried pinning the VG site again, with no success. I can't seem to find the site 100% and I don't want to guess. I looked on YouTube and searched for some images but found no examples.

Is this site more towards the front (quad) or back (glute) of the body? Does anyone have any side images or videos of the site? I may be over thinking this but I want to be 100% confident before I pin.


Directly under the armpit. Between the trochantor and the iliac crest, perpendicular to two or three inches above the top of the base of your penis. You should feel meat there.