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What I'm Taking


Hey guys just want to post a list of what I am taking. Tell me what you think.

Metabolic Drive
Mega Men
Fish Oil
Vitamin C
Milk Thistle
Carbolin 19
Alpha Male

Damn that was good. Post away



What's there to think?

If it's working for you then by all means keep truckin'.


It's hard for people to tell you what they think if there's no context to relate it to. What are your goals? What has your current regimen done for you? How have you been measuring it?


Wow, you must be huge!


Why so many supplements? What are you compensating for? And seriously- GNC vitamins? How are those any different than the $3 ones at Wal-mart?


And lord knows the $3 ones at Wal Mart bite just as much ass, so why even bother?


I bet thats on hefty bill. Make sure your diet is in order before spending extreme amounts of money on supplements. Also whats with the milk thistle. unless your an alcholic or running a cycle a oral steroids drop it.