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What I'm Doing Now

I’m doing this log in response to the “calling out the <25 crowd”. I don’t have any pics yet, but hopefully i’ll be getting them soon.

Current stats:
20 yrs old
5’9" and 190lbs
Seriously lifting 2 years
12% bf

Bench Press: 295
Squat: 300
Deadlift: 350

By April 16th (21st Birthday), i will be at least 215 @ 10% bf, bench will be no less than 350, squat will be well over 400, and deadlift will be at least 500.

I had to replace upright rows with face pulls, because they were killing my shoulders. I may also replace the regular flat bench with incline bench press, because my upper chest is under developed. I will be keeping the three workouts a day, but i’ll probably end up doing 2 days on, 1 day off, to keep neural fatigue down, since all the supplements for the protocol arent out yet.

11/5/ 09
1st session:
Chin ups: bwx3, 10lbx3, 15x3, 20x3, 25x3, 30x3, 35x3, 35x3 and BWx5x5

Bent Over Rows: 185x3,205x3,215x3,215x3,220x3,225x3,225x3,225x3 and 205x5x5

Face pulls: 70x3,90x3,100x3,110x3,110x3,110x3,110x3,120x3 and 100x5x5

dayuumm… 5 times a day?! crazy bastard

Ok, had to take an entire week off already, shoulder and knee problems. not good. but starting fresh today.


Squats: 225x3,245x3,245x3,245x3,250x3,250x3,250x3,250x3 and 225x5x5

Hack Squats: 185x3,185x3,205x3,205x3,225x3,225x3,225x3,225x3 and 205x5x5

Next week i’ll throw in some leg press. I havent worked legs in months because of knee issues, so i’m starting off slow, only two sessions today.

I really don’t think i’ve ever been this sore in my life. i hurt less than this after surgery. I love it… Gotta love working legs.


Today’s schedule was all messed up, because of tests and other prior engagements that i forgot to plan for. I did get one good workout in though, and increased the weights from the previous chest workout.

Bench Press: 205x3,215,3,225x3,230x3,235x3,235x3,240x3,240x3 and 215x5x5
Military Press: 120x5x5

I had to do both of these in one session. All sets of bench press seemed to fly up pretty well, except for the last two reps of the last two sets of 215x5x5. I’m assuming this is because the rest between sets was a little shorter. Hopefully i’ll increase the weight on almost every set again.


Chin ups: BWx3, 10x3,20x3,30x3,35x3,40x3,45x3,45x3 and 10x5x5

Bent Over Rows: 185x3,205x3,225x3,225x3,235x3,235x3,235x3,235x3, and 210x5x5

On the last rep of the last set i tweaked my back pretty good. I’m pretty sure i have a facet joint that is misaligned now. I’m doing a few exercises to help it slide back in the normal position. hopefully this wont affect too many of my workouts.


Was supposed to squats, leg press, and hack squats today, but the facet joint in my lower back is still out of alignment. Hopefully i’ll be able to do this workout wednesday instead.


Back still messed up, so I did another pushing session.

Bench Press: 210x3,220x3,230x3,235x3,240x3,245x3,245x3,250x3 and 225x5x5.

Military press: 115x3,125x3,125x3,130x3,130x3,135x3,135x3,135x3 and 115x5x5

All bench press felt really good today. Every rep had good acceleration, and i’m sure i’ll be adding another 5-10 pounds on some of the sets. Military press wasn’t quite as good though. I wasnt getting a good turn around on the reps, but was locking them out fine. Maybe my next military press session will go better

Not sure if i’ll get another workout in till next week. Thanksgiving break is throwing me some havoc.


Close Grip bench from pins: 275x3, 285x3, 295x3, 305x3, 310x3, 315x3, 315x3, 315x3 and 275x5x5
Chin ups: 65

I also performed 5 chin ups between each set of close grip. I noticed this morning that I’m getting new stretch marks in my pecs, so I have to be getting a little bigger. Weight is up to 200 from 193 when i started 3 weeks ago. If I can manage to start getting all my workouts in, I think I’ll really start adding some size.

this aint legit till we see pics

[quote]scooter12 wrote:
this aint legit till we see pics[/quote]

maybe you should post the one’s i sent you…

[quote]legacyfighter wrote:
scooter12 wrote:
this aint legit till we see pics

maybe you should post the one’s i sent you…[/quote]

excuse me? this is a bit inappropriate. maybe i should let your girl know what your saying on here

[quote]scooter12 wrote:
legacyfighter wrote:
scooter12 wrote:
this aint legit till we see pics

maybe you should post the one’s i sent you…

excuse me? this is a bit inappropriate. maybe i should let your girl know what your saying on here[/quote]

maybe you should you feisty thing you

[quote]legacyfighter wrote:
scooter12 wrote:
legacyfighter wrote:
scooter12 wrote:
this aint legit till we see pics

maybe you should post the one’s i sent you…

excuse me? this is a bit inappropriate. maybe i should let your girl know what your saying on here

maybe you should you feisty thing you



DB Bench Press: 90lbx6x5 (all reps explosive as possible)

Chest is really sore even two days later. My upper back also got a little sore from hoisting up the db’s. This has never happened before, i guess its from not doing db work in a while.


Deadlfits: 275x5, 295x5,315x5 (all reps done as “the perfect rep”

these felt really good. I havent done deadlifts in a while and am already pretty sore from them. Doing these explosively gives these a completely different feel, i like it. Next time, I’ll definitely be upping the weight. I also noticed that doing these explosively has given me some DOMS in my forearms, never had this before either.


Bench Press: 185x3,195x3,205x3,215x3,225x3,235x3
Incline Bench: 135x3,145x3,155x3,165x3,175x3,185x3
Upright Rows: 135x3,145x3,155x3,165x3,170x3,175x3

Workouts have taken the back burner again lately thanks to finals. Definitely gonna hit it harder during christmas break.


Chin ups: bw,10,20,25,30,35,40,45 x3
Deadlifts: 245,265,275,285,295,305 x3
Curls: 70,80,90,95,100,105 x3

 All sets felt really explosive.  The chin ups seemed to get harder as I increased the weight, but the speed stayed pretty the same for most sets. Curls seemed really explosive for all reps.  Still feel amped from my workout, but my erectors are already sore. 
 Also, yesterday's workout almost felt too easy. Every rep went up with ease, very explosive day. After my workout i felt no DOMS whatsoever, but today I'm super sore.


Military Press: 85,95,105,115,125,135x3
ATG Squats: 205,225,235,245,255,265x3
DB Shoulder Press: 30’s,35’s,40’s,45’s,50’s,55’sx3
Leg Curls: 115,125,135,145,155x3

Military’s flew up extremely easy. I think i’ve only done 135x3 one time before, and it was a real struggle, this time it was easy. The squats were pretty insane. First four sets went really fast. Last two sets started slowing down about 3/4 of the way up, but only on 3rd rep. DB shoulder press also was way easier than I expected. Each weight felt just as easy as the set before it. The first 4 sets of leg curls went really fast, last set there was a definite decrease in speed, so i stopped the workout. Overall this was a great session.