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In light of recent statement in the news concerning a possible ban on “prohormones,” this is a serious question for which T-mag would like to get as many carefully-considered, accurate replies as possible
from those who:

A) Have used “prohormone” products, and

B) Have NOT used illegal anabolic steroids.

The question is, "If prohormone products were banned, how likely would you be to purchase or seek to purchase black-market anabolic steroids as a substitute?

Please in the first line of your answer, include standardized answers of:

Definitely wouldn’t

Probably wouldn’t

Probably would

“Definitely would”

Obviously, if you want to include more than
just that answer, that’s great, but if you don’t want to write any more than that, even this brief answer will be a great help in this informal survey.


I definitely would have used illegal steroids had pro hormones not been available.

I have used pro hormones as a substitute for steroids.

Probably wouldn’t

Probably wouldn’t

Probably would, at some point.

I Have used “prohormone” products, and Have NOT used illegal anabolic steroids.

If prohormone products were banned, how likely would you be to purchase or seek to purchase black-market anabolic steroids as a substitute?:

Definitely wouldn’t

Probably wouldn’t…I’m 37 and have been training for ~15 years. At this juncture in my life, I just don’t feel a need for them, regardless of other alternatives not being available. I’ll stick with Methoxy-7 and lots of protein :).

I Probably wouldn’t. This is an interesting and thought provoking question, Bill. I have been tempted to do a cycle in the past, I think every lifter has, but for me I just couldn’t justify doing it.

I think historically the record shows that athletes/strength trainees will/have used illegal AAS if legal alternatives aren’t avaialable to stay competitive or continue gains/improvement. Many have and will migrate to illegal methods under these circumstances if given the choice. This really is just “politically” motivated, as many things are. :frowning:

Probably would

Have never berfore, probably would someday when the genetic potential has run it’s course.

Probably wouldn’t

Probably would

definately would

Definitely wouldn’t. I’m not competing so I wouldn’t be under any pressure to do so. I don’t want to do this illegally, it’s not worth the worry. I would rather do what I was doing before Mag10 – eat right and train hard. It was slower but I’m okay with that because I’m doing this to 'til the end of my life.

Not what you are looking for: I have used black market steroids in the past but have quit since Mag-10 and 4-ad have become available. If there gone it’s back to the big stuff.

Definitely wouldn’t!!!

Definitely would.

Probably would.

Probably wouldn’t. However, the temptation would be much greater having no alternatives. Can’t say for sure.