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What if Your True Love Wont be Born for 400 Years?


all these man made phrases. soul mate. true love. however you call it. for many years i had always believed that to be something that only existed in the movies. Then a few years ago, i started having these dreams of this one particular woman. Now, i'm not a writer of any degree. have never written any type of story. This woman will exist 400 years from now. to say I feel a connection and bond with her is drastically understating it.

Even during the day, i would have these thoughts of this woman, she was constantly on my mind. now obviously, i have never met her yet. Still, I know how she thinks, how she talks, what she went through in her life. Its truly weird. Now this woman is going to be infamous to say the least. i am now on page 71 of my book I am writing about her. a good portion of the book is through her eyes.

Now someone who writes for a living might be able to pull this off, just by making stuff up. but its different with me, I feel her inside me. (no jokes, lol) Its like i feel her around me alot of the times.

I have now come to beleive I was meant to be with this woman, our souls or whatever you call it are bonded, connected somehow. i have such intense feelings and love for a woman i can only meet if my cryogenic experiment succeeds.


I can haz Peyote?


Where can I get this book?


no you misundertstood, i am writing this book now, it is not a book yet available...

read it again...


Time travel will be invented within 5 years, so these threads are moot. I know this because last night I was visited by someone who claimed to be a "time traveller", he gave me a magical pill and everything after that is quite foggy...


Seriously where can I get this book?

Okay, this is getting old for the fact this thread is a copy and not even a parody


^^ I watched a documentary about time travel last night and it is already possible. This group if friends went back to 1986 through the use of a special jacuzzi and relived their day at a winter festival. They all redeemed themselves from their shitty night and the one guy even turned out to be the other guys dad (cause he plowed his mom in a drunken romp in the ski patrol house)

So uhhhh yeah. It's already possible


Origional Thread


OP is fail....


...Are you a wizard?


He could be a witch.

Either way, he should be BURNED!


People are loving making similar threads these days.


I can't be the only person that thinks they're just not that funny.