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What if Your True Love Died 400 Yrs Ago


all these man made phrases. soul mate. true love. however you call it. for many years i had always believed that to be something that only existed in the movies. Then a few years ago, i started having these dreams of this one particular woman. Now, i'm not a writer of any degree. have never written any type of story. This woman existed and died 400 years ago. to say I feel a connection and bond with her is drastically understating it.

Even during the day, i would have these thoughts of this woman, she was constantly on my mind. now obviously, i have never met her. yet, I know how she thinks, how she talks, what she went through in her life. Its truly weird. Now this woman is father infamous to say the least. i am now on page 71 of my book I am writing about her. a good portion of the book is through her eyes.

Now someone who writes for a living might be able to pull this off, just by making stuff up. but its different with me, I feel her inside me. (no jokes, lol) Its like i feel her around me alot of the times.

I have now come to beleive I was meant to be with this woman, our souls or whatever you call it are bonded, connected somehow. i have such intense feelings and love for a woman i have never met. in this lifetime anyways.


Tits or GTFO.


Try meeting actual women IRL

Way to puss out and not say who she is... but inb4 Elizabeth Bathory


you're insane


I'm intrigued.


Oh lord .


Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetle......


If I was in your shoes I would get a different doctor and different medication. Or different cocktail of medications. Or get off whatever cocktail I'm on. Something along those lines. I'm not trying to be mean of funny, I really mean this.


OK, wasn't there a movie about this? With Christopher Reeve, I think. Right after he did the Superman movies. He sort of a 180 from superhero movies to a chick flick.

He falls in love with a girl who lived in a previous century. They meet through time travel.


You're just fantasizing man.

Go out and meet people.


i say, if you love her you should go after her.

oh wait thats a stupid idea, she's dead. I say meet living women, there are 3,000,000,000 of them, thats more than there ever have been before, odds are there is on thats just as good for you as the dead girl.

alternately, when someone dies consent ceases to be so much of an issue


I won't ask where you got that name from


its must be nice to live in your nice little house. where nothing ever outside that house can exist. i feel sorry for you my friend. there are many things that exist and that happen that we can't explain. so you just say "your nuts". lol. I'm far from nuts.


I agree to some degree. but thats like telling a parent who just lost a child, "just have another one, whats the big deal. of course to someone thats never had a child might never understand, the same can be said, without being in my shoes and knowing what i know, you can't possibly speak on this subject.


fantasizing. oh how i wish. thats a very simple explanation to a very complex one. to be honest, i cant stand how women are today. divorce rate over 50%. women today aren't devoted or loyal to their man. I guess bringing up a subject thats more complex than your puny little brains can comprehend.

fantasizing wouldn't explain how I know how she speaks, things acts. the pain she went through. yes, i know im crazy. trust me, a few years back, if i heard someone saying what im saying, id think he was nuts also. so i understand where your coming from.


Someone needs to get laid...


Wait. Roguevampire. Elizabeth Bathory. It makes sense now.

You're not seriously crushing on Bathory are you? Just go ahead and say who it is. Not like we're gonna make fun of you or anything. :slight_smile:


getting laid, lol. dude, look at me. not trying to be a dick, but comeone, im a 280 hulk. i could go into any club or bar in this country and have any woman i choose. how many men look like me. yes, i realize that sounds conceited. this isn't about getting laid. ive been laid many a time. i was married. have a daughter. but this is quite different.


oh no, you guys aren't going to make fun of me, lol. listen, i can appreciate good natured teasing. IM a big boy. its funny how you got that name from. maybe cause of my screen name. but as far as i remember, bathory wasn't a vampire. saying who she is, really wouldn't make a difference. im nuts, right, lol.


Well, technically, she's probably about as close to a real vampire as it gets I would say :stuck_out_tongue:

Saying who she is though might make a HUGE difference. Maybe you're not alone, have you ever considered that?

ed- if it turned out someone else fancied her as well would you get mad?


actually, yes, its the countess. but let me just say this. she was no more a vampire than anyone else. just about everything written about her is complete garbage. most of these myths came about long after she died. made up by people. she didn't bath in blood. she didnt kill 600 girls. but thats a long long story. yes, i realize many people fancy her.

when i was younger, i was into bruce lee like nobody else. read everything about im, countless books. pics all over my walls. yet, i could never write a book about him. nor could i tell you how he felt about things, as a child. growing up. he was my idol for years and years to.