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What If We Didn't Have a Protein Shake?

Can't we just workout and depend on our normal food. I took the protien shake for more then 7 mounths and Im thinking of stop taking it? or I shouldent?


You don't need shakes at all.

John Berardi is one of the main contributors of nutrition articles on this site and the only shake-like supplement he usually reccomends is post workout: Surge, etc.

Surge is the only thing i ever use.
The rest is whole foods.

That said, you need to be disciplined about getting your protein requirements. That's the one benefit to using protein powders: they're easy.


what's Surge


All a protein shake is anyways is food.I love Metabolic Drive because it(1 is convinent,(2 Taste great,(3 helps me meet my daily protein needs,and(4 Is a great quality and blend of proteins.If you can do that with whole foods,ain't nothin wrong with that.


Did they have protien shakes 40 years ago? Where there strong muscular men 40 years ago?

You don't need shakes. In most, there is nothing in them that you can't get from food. What makes them so desirable is convienence. Easier to make than a meal, more portable, no guesswork on the nutrient breakdown and easier to take (tastes great, less filling).

I don't consider protien powders or MRPs in the supplement group, I'd say they are just another food source.

If you stop them or not, is a choice left to you. Besides cost, there is no reason to stop, or cycle shakes. Even thinking about cost, cost per gram of whey versus food source protien goes in favor of the whey powder.


Compare the men of 40 years ago to the men of now days. We already have the technology, why not use it? There is no way anyone back then could attain the looks of today without heavy amounts of protein.

I do agree with you that protein powders are just a food source, I do not concider them supplements either, along with fish oil, multis, and flax.


I'm pretty sure you're talking about beer, not protein shakes.


John Berardi once recommended skim milk + honey. This tastes really good, and it works pretty well.

Surge works better, IMO...


Time and cost dictate that most people use a supplement like Metabolic Drive.

Saying you don't need one is like saying you don't need car to get about, yeah you don't but its easier than walking or going on your bike.


Pretty much the same.

There is no way anyone can attain significant size today without heavy amounts of protein. The only difference is that we can drink our protein (of course, there was milk 40 years ago).


A MRP is nothing more than an aid if your lookin to get alot of protein. Its convient.Food should always be your main source of protein anyways. I usually only use an MRP once or twice a day(at most) Always right before bed for some casein.


I think alot more then protein has changed in 40 years, like exercise science, nutrition, etc., that have alot more to do with better development nowadays. when it all boils down protein is just a nutrient, and you can get it from whole foods. protein powder is just a convenience item.(though I can't live without it!)


Just fuckin eat.


Iv'e always ben asked about the shakes details and how do they make them and if they are really food then how do they make them. Some poeple still say that it's a rubbish for some reason.

Surge is anabolic and u say u dont take protien this thing look heavier


Brilliant! I can't believe we get questions like, should I use a protein shake or not.


Not sure what ya mean.I think we got a language mix up. Not your fault but lemme see if I can explain. Surge is not a meal replacement protein and I'm not sure about the whole anabolic comment. Surge is a Pre/Post/During work out drink.(people use it in different ways) It has the fastest acting protein on the market as well carbs to replace the carbs lost during exercise.


so? blend with fruit, yoghurt/cottage cheese and wow! you have a padded food meal. Its padded even less then some of the "real" food your told to buy at stores.

Nuts, oats, fruit, milk, honey, whey/casein Seems like food to me. Granted thats a nice 500-1000mL drink buts its better then straight milk and whey. Split and use as seperate servings.