What if Longevity is Paramount?

I’m 41, natural TT was highest at age 29 (388), in my 30s it was 155.

I’m on trt now and loving it. My question is how do I try to increase longevity?

I read on here that people live longer with E2 between 20-30, live longer if igf-1 is lower normal etc…

But what about TT? Should I shoot for 600? Or go higher end 800-1000? Also, what igf-1 levels etc?

Anything else I can do? Intermittent fasting, metformin etc? I do weights 4 times a week and cardio I’m starting 3 x a week. Also trying to increase fiber with Metamucil etc.

Hopefully others have points

Good genes, good food, lots of physical activity, moderate dose TRT, something to look forward (eg seeing kids grow up), friends and a soulmate with whom you can share your experiences


Metamucil is not good. Switch to Acacia fiber instead.
Intermittent fasting is excellent for your health and body composition.
Metformin is not something I would take unless necessary. Opt for natural GDA’s such as Alpha Lipoic Acid, Ceylon Cinnamon, etc.
Test should be as high as your body tolerates while keeping everything functioning. So, if your limit is a test level of 800ng/dL with an E2 level of 30pg/ml. This is likely optimal for you, as an example.

You’ll know when your levels are optimal, you’ll feel it.