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What If I'm Unable to Get PCT?


Ok. Got a huge problem. My wife found my gear. I had sourced and purchesed sustanon 250, arimidex , anavar 20mgs, and novadex. Problem is. Plusher all the peals and smashed my vials. Ok. So I am 4 and a half weeks in and don’t have a reliable source now. I want to try and replace it quick and stay on but think it’s unlikely to be able to happen. Question if I’m am unable to get pct will I be ok not doing it after 4 and a half weeks?? man. This is my first cycle and I am super bummed out about this☹️


Check the research places for pct. You’ll get liquid that you’d take instead of pills but with a good place it’ll be good and you can get it in a few days or next day air. Pharm pills would take awhile to get.

Not my business but I’d really talk with the wife next time, no good having secrets, lying, and hiding things like that in my opinion.

What were you on, doses, etc btw. You might be fine.


Agreed…my wife gives me my injections. I’m on year-round and she loves the way I am now. Great moods, full of energy, awesome libido, low BF, etc.


Thanks for the help guys. I wasn’t hiding anything from the wife. Actually she New about it. We had a big age difference between us and all the time I was spending at the gym she suspected me of cheating. Flipped out. Tossed my gear. Clothes whole nine yards. I was on 1cc sustanon eod. As well as 40mg of var daily. Split into two doses.


I was planning on starting my arimidex week 6 and nova for pct. now I don’t have it or the contact to get it anymore. Any point in the right direction is much appreciated.


That’s for the help with the liquid suggestion