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What If I Want to Start a Second Cycle?

OK… I’m starting my first cycle and I’ve read as much as I could on this site but still have a few questions.

I’m 39, 5’6", 155lbs. I’m going to start my first cycle and do it as stated in the newbie sticky:

Sus 500ml/wk pin/eod for 10wks
Nova wk13/40mgd wk14-16/20mgd.

Now my question is, if I decide to do a second cycle… how long should I wait? And should I still do the same pct?


Since you’ve never done a cycle you have no idea how much effect these drugs will have on your lipid profile.

See how your blood work looks post cycle then make a decision.

Based on your age I’d also recommend taking red yeast rice during your cycle.

Thanks 4 the reply.

I’ll probably get beat up 4 this but I’ve read so many different opinions, my head is spinning.

Should i take the Nolva during the cycle or will just using it for pct suffice?


Standard answer is time off should be equal to or greater than time on, so in your case at least 10 weeks. But like raj said, make sure your bloods look good. If they got seriously out of whack it would probably be a good idea to wait longer. You should have seen this somewhere in your reading, but if you were doing a ton of reading it’s possible it got lost in the shuffle or you just missed it.

Nolva is just for PCT, and 20mg/day is sufficient for the entire PCT - no real reason to do 40 the first week or two. Read ‘PCT dosing on this forum is wrong’.

Also, don’t forget an AI while on - arimidex, exemestane, etc. Arimidex is the standard for most guys, I’ve always used exemestane (aromasin) since it does a better job of preventing E backlash at the end.

Thanks boatguy! I’m just glad I’ve done this research, the source of my gear never mentioned any of this stuff and I was seeing if I could just do the pct only. But I will take your advice. Thanks again!