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What if I Started a Training Website in French?


Hello everyone!

I'm really glad with what I found in the internet about weight training. It really helped me progress, grow and get stronger enough to not feel bad in a PL meet.

Started with Stronglifts 5x5 (good enough for beginners), then T-Nation, Elite FTS, Dragon Door, ExRx, you name it. These are well built sites, usefull and intelligent too.

The problem is that, from what I see here in the French part of Switzerland and in France, these aren't very accessible sites for those not speaking English. And the french training web sites I found are either too complicated/high level of knowledge, too sports specific, too silhouette focused, not practical/visible enough, plain lame and badly built. Or simply all of the above.

I thought about it for a long time, and think this would be an opportunity to create an instructionnal site for the masses for :
- Basic training principles as Bodybuilding/shaping, Strength/power
- Sports/exercise based nutrition rules
- Movements/complexes video demonstrations
- Gym etiquette and behaviour

These are what I thought of, because I wouldn't want to be too general, and go everywhere.
I'm arranging time to create something worthy soon, and hope people will be interested in this.

Finally, I don't have a specific sports training formation, just nursing studies, athletics and gymnastics background, and 3 years proper weight training experience.

So, my questions are :

What do you specially the French speaking ones in this forum, think about this idea ?
Would it seem like a good enough idea, or is this section just too full with sites?
Do you have any ideas/advices you could give be about anything related to this, like best site building programs, commercial techniques, whatever?


Man... this thread will die fast, unless I save it. :slight_smile:

I say go for it, create a nice website for French-speaking lifters.


Thanks archie for not leaving this thread to die even before it was born!
Much appreciated. :wink:

I knew that I wouldn't have many asnwers so, I'll go with your opinion archie.

I'll post the further developpements here later on.

If it may interest someone...


If you started a training website in French I would expect you would notice a higher concentration of French speaking fitness enthusiasts


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However, if you want to do the website, do it, regardless of what anyone thinks. Do it how you want to do it and run with it, dont hold back. If it works, great, if not, at least you wont have any regrets.


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Google Translate wiill traduire n'importe quelle page web dans votre langue. Il existe également un plugin Firefox, vous pouvez utiliser appelé FoxLingo



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I think your time would be better spent creating a web-site to teach English to the non-English-speaking Francophones. (wink wink nudge nudge).



Nah, it's done already...


(Winking the bi-nudged wink)