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What If Employer Won't Pay Salary


I just read something on the new and it got me thinking. It was about south american workers going to work here in agriculture, legally with a contract and finally not getting paid, getting abused, etc. It was like 9$ and hour minus deductions and they ended getting paid 2$ per hour.

I am just wondering about something. If your employer doesn’t want to pay what he owes you, obviously you can go file a complaint, etc and get paid after a few month, but it might be long and unsuccessful for these workers. What if these people choose to take things from the workplace that are worth the amount the employer owes them (for example if it’s a store taking an amount of stuff in the inventory that add up to the exact amount of money). The employer is going to call the police, but since he is stealing the worker’s money, it might just end up with them getting the money from the employer and giving back the stuff. So what now?


I would advise against dealing with a civil issues (breach of contract) by committing a criminal offense (theft). Best course of action is to down tools unless the person is an absolute stand out guy/girl and there is definitely light at the tunnel’s end.


I don’t believe the answer to illegal actions is to act illegally. Like Tsantos mentioned, a civil issue shouldn’t be addressed with criminal behavior.


Agreements like the one described may actually still be legal. That used to be the working model in the coal and steel industry here (Pittsburgh), and I don’t know whether it was legislated out of existence or simply no longer worked.


This is how Unions came about.


Yep. Pay workers in scrip and make sure you get it back at the company store.

And if you get killed at work your family has till the beginning of the next week to get out of the company owned house.




I don’t believe OP’s in the U.S.


If I was in there position Id just burn the place down.


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