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What if Bush prevented 9-11?

I guess our tax dollars that were spent by Ken Starr had nothing to do with the right’s obsession with vilifying Clinton…

“Run!!! The Rangers are coming!!!” - Radical Muslim. RLTW

Fear the Rangers


What if stories are great!! Unfortunatly the “what” was two planes crashing into two American sky scrapers. I guess we should have sent over counslers and more foreign Aid to the people of Iraq, instead of the military.

Yep… horrible of liberals to want rights and freedoms for everyone. Oh no, certain minorities should have them taken away for the good of the nation. Never mind that those rights are woven right into the fabric of the nation.

And yes, everybody (i.e. the media) was hounding Clinton left and right when he was being called up for sticking his knob in Monica’s face during the morning debriefing sessions. The media had a field day. It is true, whoever is in power needlessly complains that the media is controlled by the other side.

It isn’t so. The media picks on everyone in power, just fucking get used to it and quit whining!

So Alphamale, just so I’m clear on this: Saddam was responsible for 9/11 attacks, and Bush invaded Iraq to prevent future terror attacks. Does that about sum it up then?

Good to see that you stay on top of things.

Racial profiling doesn’t work. Would you suspect a Mexican/American? A white British guy? Australian?

Let me get this straight.

This stuff is done my Arab males, between the ages of 18 and 40 approximately.

So we should pass by Arab males and search some white British guy because there might be some tiny chance that he could be a terrorist?

That is absolutely rediculous. You want to let a group of people through that are MUCH MUCH more likely to do this just to be fair? That’s dangerous and stupid on so many levels.

Another totally idiotic comment by tme! He’d want Bush to be punished for STOPPING 9-11:

“It’s a great fantasy, for sure. Just think: 9/11 never happened, and Bushleague gets impeached and booted out of office. What’s not to like here? Everybody wins!”

What a jerk.

BS: either you read that wrong, or you really are as fucking stupid as I thought.

Blow me.

tme, you’re not qualified to call anybody stupid, except perhaps your parents.

Doesn’t racial profiling kinda rub the wrong way with the concept of “innocent until proven guilty”?

Sure, today it is terrorists, but tomorrow it might be people that have developed muscles!

Those body builder types, recognizable by muscular development, sometimes use “illegal drugs”… we should start investigating everyone with muscle mass immediately.

Do you folks really want the police state you seem to be asking for? If you get it, it won’t stop where it begins.

Sure, today it is terrorists, but tomorrow it might be people that have developed muscles!

Well, I guess if bodybuilders declare holy war on American and start flying planes into buildings and bombing places, then we might have some shit to deal with, huh?

Did you forget about the war on drugs already?

Where did ephedra go? Where has Mag-10 gone?

Why are steriods really illegal?

How the hell can you even attempt to compare ephedra and roids to terrorism and war??

Maybe your rights can be taken away from you for other reasons than terrorism?

Do you know why these “drugs” and supplements are now gone? I mean, not because the FDA says so perhaps, but why would they say so?

Musclerob, I’m talking about the erosion of rights and freedoms…

If you can lose them for simple minor things like ephedra and mag-10 due to the supposed dangers they represent, imagine how powerful the threat of terrorism is and how many rights and freedoms can be removed in the name of the danger it represents.

Citizens have a right, if not a duty, to stop the erosion of their rights and freedoms. Racial profiling fits right in there… especially for those that fit the profile but are innocent.

Let me get this straight.

We should not allow airports to profile to help protect people because ephedra and prohormones have been banned?

The point is that allowing the airlines to profile based on who has done what in the past would have prevented 9-11.

You seem to think that not annoying some Arab males that are innocent is more valuable than preventing the murder of 3000 people.

Your agument is despicable. I can only pray that people like you will not be in power in the future.

Musclerob, what do you think the price of freedom has been traditionally? Sadly, freedom is paid for with lives.

If you are unwilling to think and use your own mind, what is the point of discussing things?

Pre 9-11 nobody would have been willing to do something so blatantly racist as profiling.

Do you think racial profiling hasn’t been done for years? Ask any black person who has been pulled over when driving just because of their skin tone.

All I’m doing is pointing out that the US is possibly sliding down the slippery slope of eroding rights and freedoms. You are making all kinds of baseless conclusions on your own.

So, what do you do? You call my words despicable and attempt to make it uncomfortable for me to express thoughts and ideas.

That is what the current administration has done too. Anyone who doesn’t agree completely with all policy decisions is labelled as unpatriotic or given some other inappropriate label.

Rights and freedoms are not something to be protected when it is convenient. They are something to die for. What do you think the US stands for? It is the land of the free for god sakes! It has things like “all men are created equal” in the constitution. It has ideals that proclaim people are “innocent until proven guilty”.

If it isn’t clear, these things may possibly conflict with racial profiling. You say “who cares”. I say “wait, is this just the beginning”.

People thinking and expressing their opinions in an honest and rational way is what it is all about. I’m not anti-American. I’m not anti-security. I’m not even anti-Bush. I am against the erosion of rights and the current policy of attacking those that exercise their right to have an opinion and say it.

It is freedom of speech that protects the citizen from a runaway government. Go ahead, start giving up that right for various situations. You’ll become what you are fighting against if you don’t be careful.

And, all I mean by that is that you’ll have given the administration, whoever holds office, the ability to do anything they want because nobody is able to speak out against it anymore. The longer that situation lasts the more incredibly dangerous it becomes.

Sadly, the war against terrorism could last for generations. I don’t see anybody changing the educational curriculum in the Arab world to stop the creation of fanatics.

So, my question to you is, should we also become a nation of unthinking fanatics?