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What if animals had human intelligence


What if animals like tigers or jaguars had intelligence equal to or greater than humans. After all, the only thing which allows humans to dominate the world is intelligence. Otherwise, humans would just be food for tigers, jaguars, bears and other wild beast. But what if they were as intelligent or moreso, than the smartest humans and had knowledge of their much superior strength compared to humans? Would they lord over human beings?


What if cranky old white guys had a young black alter-ego?


A young black guy with a cranky old white guy alter ego would be far more impressive...


That would be WolBarret.




Clip, I'd like to revoke your thinking privileges.


And opposable thumbs of course.


Their digestive system, endocrine system, liver and spleen couldn't handle the demand of a large brain that gives such intelligence


If they were smarter than us there would definitely be some human hunting going on, but they'd be too thirsty for knowledge and smart about conservationism to wipe us out completely.

They would want to study the stars, poetry, art, the sea, develop religion, drink booze. All that would require a lot of time and effort.

They might try to corral us into herds with fences... But good fuckin' luck kitty how you goona hold a hammer?

Even if they were smarter, humans have the tactical advantage of being able to fashion weapons and defenses while a tigers' just going to lay about half crocked on burboun. It's doubtful that humans would enter some sort of servitude of the big cats too, since we can't speak the same language. Imagine a kitty trying to get us to drive it somewhere, all pawing at the door, jutting his chin toward the car.

We'd be like:

"kitty I don't get what you mean."

And then he'd get all frustrated and be like "rooar! mmeeeeoowwww Roar!"

Yet still we shrug, shaking our heads, declaring:

"yeah you're not helping your case bro, I don't understand you... wanna chase a laser pointer instead?"

Game over son. Game over.



Please cease the retarded threads



Guns. The great equalizer.


they'd catch the ghey ... well said


I do not think that intelligence is the most important part if you wish to catch the ghey.

The real culprit in catching just about anything are opposable thumps.


What are opposable thumps? Punches to either side of the face?


What if we could control muscle cell hyperplasia with our minds?


Wow. Hard to believe, but your post actually took this thread down another peg.


kinda what i was going for...