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What Idiot Invented These Plates?



invented these


sweet my plates on this site awesomesausages


What exactly is the problem with them?


It could be that they are cost effective...of accurate to only 2% and not 1.7658634873%


I hate them too. Sucks ass for deadlifts. They aren't perfectly circular and stack together terribly.


Maybe because they aren't round?


I could see how they may be slightly awkward to deadlift with but is there another problem Im missing?

My gym used to have those. They look cool but they suck because they are very thick at the rim. Which means HS machines cant accomdate 4 without a big risk of them falling off.

Now has these. Great plates.


We have the first ones... I like them. But we mostly have Cybex or whatever. Shit I haven't used a plate loaded machine in awhile, but I'm pretty sure the pulldown will take 5 or maybe 6.

I like the holes make for good handles you can get at anywhere. They are thick though. Adding them to a cable stack is a bitch, the 25's are annoying as well.

My gym added like 36 plates, but the new ones are rubber. FUCK THOSE BITCHES. They are thick as hell, and I miss the clank when the bar bounces.


I'm not a physicist, so I could be totally wrong, but wouldn't the shape cause them to spin so one of the "fat" ends would be pointing down once you pick it up?


Nothing wrong with the classic. $1.25/lb. and all the sound poor souls like CB are missing.


We have a set of 10 metal plates that are only to be used for deadlifting. Its nice. And makes noise, which I made on purpose Saturday when an older person was getting a tour of the gym. I was sure to be extra loud. They did quickly leave the area.

Other than those we have rubber ones. Not bad though.


It would be logical to assume so but the bulge in the plate simply isn't big enough to cause the plate to spin, the bulge isn't heavy enough.

...I tried my very best to explain that without using words such as "inertia" and "frictional coefficient".


Most gyms I go to have these: http://www.irongrip.com/products/olympicplates_igx.asp and I enjoy them.


Looked like a company called Cemco invented them.


Is it just me, or do these plates look sad :cry:

Crymore Emo Plates!!


You know your gym owner had too much money to spend and no clue what to do with it when he bought plates with fucking grips on them. They are the sashaying, lisping fags of the plate world. The gyms that have them are also the ones that have cheap ass bars that bend and bounce like a goddamn drinking straw when you squat.

"Oh, but they're so much easier to handle!" Shut the fuck up, Sally.


Or the bars with no knurling. What kind of slack-jawed faggot thought that was a good idea?

This one takes the cake, though: a "trap" deadlift bar that had handles that rolled...which meant they rolled on you the second you put more than 315lbs on it

The amount of fitness stuff built by people who have never lifted or consulted with anyone who actually lifted weights is amazing.


we have the 1st one, they're fine. Not ideal but they're easy to pick up.

as for deadlifting, just roll them so the flat part is on the ground :shrug:


they are terrible to deadlift with since they aren't fully round. even if you line them up perfectly, they spin while you're locking out your lift which means that either: a. the bar will roll away from you so that you have to reset or b. the bar will roll into your shins so that you have to reset. not only that, but they are covered in rubber and are a pain to load/unload on a bar.


ours are all metal