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What I Want To Be When I Grow Up!


I'm tired, burned out, depressed and not sure what to do anymore.

I've spent the last six years working in Public Relations and related fields after securing my bachelor's in PR from UF. During that time, I've had a lot of experience in the nonprofit arena and been exposed to all areas of PR.

Although I enjoy PR, I don't think it's what I want to do anymore. I would love to continue practicing PR if it was for something I loved (fitness or sports related). But I can't seem to find anything in those areas.

I don't want to be at my current job anymore (handling fund-raising and PR for a nonprofit). I don't like fund-raising, and it's not what I wanted to do. But I took this position as a temporary job when I was laid off earlier in the year. Unfortunately, it hasn't been temporary, as I haven't found anything else even though I've been interviewing for a variety of jobs since February. I even make it to the top three candidates, but then get passed over by someone hired internally, or because I'm overqualified.

I'm sick of it. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm willing to move in order to find work, as there is no reason for me to stay here other than my dad (luckily, he's on his way to being back to normal - post cancer).

I think about going back to school, but the programs I'm interested in (Nuclear Medicine, RN, Cardiopulmonary Tech, Firefighter) require you to take classes all day for six months to two years as part of a 40-hour work week. It's impossible to survive if attending "classes" 40 hours a week. That's already a full-time job. And they don't recommend working during the program. I'm sorry, but I can't just live on loans for two years!!!!

I don't know what to do anymore. I'm registered with Monster, Careerbuilder and HotJobs, but I can't find shit. I've been looking in other areas of Florida, but they are not willing to interview someone who doesn't already live in the area when they can hire someone who does. The same applies to jobs outside of Florida.

At this point, there are many things I'd enjoy doing, but getting those jobs either require a new degree (as listed above) or putting in work part-time for a while before moving up. I would love to be a UPS or Fed-Ex delivery driver. Even a postal worker! But those jobs are near impossible to get.

I'm depressed. I'm still struggling with my life, bills, and everything around me. I don't know what the hell to do anymore.

My love is fitness. I'd love to run a gym or my own fitness facility. I would love to be a personal trainer or work with the top coaches in the industry whether it's PR related or something else. But I can't seem to find a way to do that and make a living.

It's ridiculous. I just want to do something I love. But I can't seem to find a way to do that.

I'm willing to move. Sell my car. Sell all my belongings. Just so I can eliminate as much debt as possible or "stuff" in my life.

I'm stuck. :frowning:



I've been teaching for a few years, and now I'm getting my RN degree online through a local college here. Completely self-paced, they work clinicals around your schedule. I'm sure there are similar programs around you.


What are your chances at getting student loans? I know you have had it rough lately. I just don't know what will help you get out from under it. I would imagine some options would be student loans (that is how I got through school with no job and how many students get through grad school), or possibly just moving to a new area.


i work for HD and they always have job postings available. you can register and search through the link below..

hope this helps in some way



If I went back to school, I would have to get loans to make it through. I hate having to do that because I'm still paying off loans from when I was in school before (luckily, I only have about $4K left). I just don't want to accrue thousands more to cover living expenses. But it's what I would have to do if going that route.

Thanks for the link to HD. I'll check and see if there is anything I'd be qualified for and apply!


Dude, I will be paying back student loans until The Olsen Twins are wearing dentures and leak proof underwear. Some times you deal with what you have.


sorry to hear you are still having such a hard time.
Hang in there, you have people rooting for you all over the country-Jules


I feel for ya man, I'm in very much a similar situation(Hell, I'd love to be a FedEx driver too!). I just feel like I'm stuck in a rut and can't get out, debit, my work/income situation, wanting to have a job I actually ENJOY. I'd give up everything I have now to just start fresh. I'd love to get into so sports science, nutritional biochemistry, endocrinology.

Much like you I can't see how it would be possible to go to school full time and have a job where I made enough to eat. There must be a way though, hell lots of people do it right?


I always assumed the Army put you through med school. What's your story, Prof?


Stupid question that probably won't help you...but have you thought about being a firefighter? Maybe it's just me because that's something I've always wanted to do becuase it sounds like a great job.


A very long one with topless women, many twists and turns and one awesome chase scene.



What do you like to do? I am assuming working out and fitness related things but what else?

I saw the fields and programs you listed but maybe it would be a good excercize to work backwards from what you like to do?

Example: You mentioned firefighting. Do you like the idea of firefighting or is it rescue, perhaps it is more broad such as public service or helping people in general.

More broadly do you like to sell? Fundraising is a lot like selling. Did you enjoy that part of your job? You also mentioned a job as an RN? Maybe do something in between like an EMT. You may like managing people. In that case try and sign on with a big firm and get into a training program. A lot of big companies also do a reimbursement plan for good grades if you want to continue school.

I think your idea of a relo makes a lot of sense. Big cities have a lot of opportunity. I personally feel that the Gulf Coast will rebound with a vengance during the reconstruction. If you can find a place to live, that may be an option. Again during the reconstruction the employers will be less selective as they try and fill the labor demand allowing folks who want to enter a new field an opportunity to do so.

I guess my two cents is try and pick a career and then take the steps you need to reach that career. Sometimes you need to take a few steps before you can do what you love, rather then what you have to do.

Good Luck whatever you choose.


If it takes loans to improve your quality of life then I say that's a chance worth taking..life is way too short to be in a job where you are looking at the clock every 10 minutes wishing it was closing time.


Hey man, I feel your pain.

Have you ever considered moving to Vegas. I have heard from my step father (who is a cop there) that being a firefighter in Vegas is a great job. Good pay and pretty good hours. From what he told me they are always hiring. Might be worth looking into.

Hope this helps. PM me if you would like for me to get more info. for you via my stepfather. Good Luck


In order to apply for any type of firefighter/EMT/Paramedic jobs, you must be certified in those or have attended fire school (6-month program that doesn't give you much time to work - just like the other programs I'd be interested in doing). So, I can't just apply and take a job without going to Fire School.

As for browsing what I like to do, I've been doing that lately. The particular things I listed were things I would enjoy specifically. Some of the related jobs are not of interest to me in some instances (EMT might be okay, but really would rather be a firefighter).

My passion is fitness and sports. But finding a spot within those areas seems almost impossible if you don't have the right degree or know the right people. Which means, going back to school again. But if I'm going to go back, I might as well get into something that A) I'll love or B) I'll make really good money (Nuclear Medicine).

I've even been contemplating the military, and that is something I never had a desire to do.

A part of me is sick of the desk job from 8-5 every day. I'd rather wear scrubs and work some cool shifts or have more variety and make good money. Even firefighters have good schedules.

It's just so aggravating!


Nate... You snivlin little bastard...

Just fucking with you

Dude if you want to start applying for jobs out in So-Cal I'd be glad to give you my address to put on your resume. My Chick didn't have any takers while she had another state listed on her resume but once she put a local address on there she had plenty of takers. I'm assuming it's because they were looking at local people over out of state people first and foremost. A big part of breaking into a specific job market region is who you know, and dude you know me (kinda) it would at least help you get a footing out here, if So-Cal interests you at all...

PM me dude, let me know, I'd be glad to help.



This might sound like some lame sh*t but don't dismis it till you try it. If you haven't listened to Tony Robbins Personal Power audio program then DO IT!!!

I never did well in school, I had a job in PR that I absolutely hated and while I'm not trying to tell you that this is a magic bullet there is no doubt that these tapes (and others like it) have helped me to now own a successful karate school and help kids see what is possible in life if you are willing to work and think. I now also am able to provide a decent income for me, my wife and four kids and a nice home.

NateD I've always liked your posts and admired you. You will rise above this, I know it.



is personal training really that hard to get into? i assume you just gotta get certified (easy), get hired at a gym (not too hard), and do your job (hard only if dumb and/or unmotivated and undisciplined).

im sure taht looking like others wanna look helps too.


OOOhh, La La, Nate, you MUST check out the Harley Davidson job opps!!!! Wowowwee nice of you to suggest HD, Hulkstar!!


Hey Nate!

Sorry to hear that you are in such a rut! It'll get better. I wonder if you'd try a community service type job that you don't have to go to school for, you'd reap nontangible rewards and get out of that rut? Sometimes when you work with people in need it can change your perspective drastically. Sometimes when I'm blue or bummed or in a rut, I'll go and do a little volunteer work and somehow doing for others makes me feel more fulfilled.

Some examples of service jobs are Police, Sherriff, Fire... It wouldn't have to be forever, but you could try something like that? How about a short Psychiatric Assistant course (few days) and then work as a P.A. (great job for Muscle guys, huge demand, great pay!)....or start as Hospital Security and then once your foot is in the door, go for the P.A.? Hospital Security can be so stimulating...nowadays Mass Casualty Incidence/Terrorism stuff is usually their primary responsibility and a primary focus for hospitals since 911 and before. How about Air Marshall? How about the FBI? Just some suggestions for jobs that pay well without having to drag your ass back to college... Good luck Nate in all you do!!!!!!!!!!

Hugs Hugs Hugs Hugs Hugs Nate!!!