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What I have learned


1) If I havent set any world records at this point, then chances are I never will. I just enjoy the ride.
2) Eventually, your life will consist of only 3-5 exercises, and they will not let you down. The other ones have been dropped like old girlfriends. They just dont work anymore.
3) I wish Mark Rippetoe was around back in our day instead of Joe Weider.
4) The best ab exercise is front squats.
5) Once your back, shoulders, or wrists start to hurt, there aint no trick you can try that you read about on T-Nation or anyplace else that will make it go away. You just need to learn to live with it, mitigate it, or work around it.
6) I stopped doing curls, but if I do them, they usually dont get an entry in the log book.
7) Keep all your workout logs in the same style of notebook. Got to the store and buy a shitload of them. Keep them lined up in a bookcase in chronological order.
8) The overhead press is cooler than the bench press.
9) I have learned to appreciate clueless lifters. It keeps the squat racks and power platform clear. Except of course when they are using them for curls.
10) Back in our day, hot girls didnt work-out in gyms. I dont think people realize this.
11) Does weight training have any cardio vascular benefits? I sure hope so, because I stopped running years ago.
12) A good program will only work for about six weeks, then you need to cycle over. I know Dan John already said this, but its true.
13) Arnold has proven to be a jackass, but to guys our age he is still Arnold.
14) Powerlifting USA was a pretty terrible magazine, but it was the only thing we had.
15) Those monolift contraptions look pretty ridiculous.
16) Geared vs. Non-geared? I guess I have no opinion on the matter, its just that Ed Coan didnt use gear. Never trained with chains, either.
17) Lou Ferrignos dark blue T-shirt while overhead pressing in Pumping Iron was the most bad-ass gym wear I have ever seen. I went out and bought me a good basic load of tight dark blue T-shirts after that.
18) Dave Draper is a cool dude.
19) A good gym bag will never let you down. Invest in a good one. Keep your keys and lock in a separate pocket from your workout log. It saves the wear and tear on the workout log.
20) Changing gyms if your gym does not allow chalk is useless advice. I would have already done that if it were possible. Im devising a plan to sneak it in.
21) Although there is probably no science to support it, finishing off with a good pump set from time to time seems to do the trick.
22) Rippetoe talked about how the best lifts are ones where the weight is kept in line with, or close to, the bodys center of gravity. I got to thinking, if youre gonna curl, then seated concentration curls fit the bill.
23) Guys who train at 9pm become a kind of fraternity. They are usually older guys with serious jobs and families. If you miss a few nights, everyones like, Where is Tony?
24) Power cleans, while well-intentioned, fuck up your lower back.
25) Nobody at your office cares how much you squat.


Dude, that's great. Words to live by!


Spot on, Goose.


You made some strong and interesting points!


No-nonsense and straight to the point, very nice.


Thanks, all...


great list Goose. my personal favourites are these these ones