What I Did on my Summer Vacation

Back now after mostly holidays since the beginning of July. Here is what I did as training for the first three weeks away back in the States:

Squat: 2 WU, then 5 work sets x 5 reps
Lunge: 3 sets
Pull-through: 4 sets x 12-20 reps
Push-up: various widths and heights x ca. 120 reps total
Bench press: 2 work sets, wide grip x 8 reps
Cable crunch: 4 sets x 10-25 reps
Bicycle crunch: 60 L/R reps

Power clean: 11 sets 3-1 reps
Press: 1 WU, then 5 x 5 reps (first rep from floor)
Box jumps: 18�??, 24�??, 30�?? x 12-8 reps
Chin-up: 5 sets BW x 37 reps total
Face-pull: 4 sets x 16-20 reps
Grip work: 5 sets

Push-up: various widths and heights x ca. 120 reps total
Ab wheel: 4 sets

I trained in a great facility, with about 16 olympic platforms available, more Eleiko bars than you can shake a stick at, and not a mirror anywhere outside of the bathroom: frequented by all age groups, from under-10 to seniors, all walks of life, including would-be Olympians and national or regional calibre talent (with Team Savannah), college and high-school students and athletes, and individuals with physical or mental handicaps and/or disabilities (with Abilities Unlimited). With its dynamic and enthusiastic atmosphere, the (Paul) Anderson-(Howard) Cohen Weightlifting Center makes my (in real lifting terms) less well-equipped gym in Paris seem rather lifeless by comparison. Can’t wait to get back around Christmas.

My goals were to get a lot of good reps under the bar, work on some form issues and a few new (for me) exercises, and build up glute/ham strength �?? also with some stuff inspired directly or indirectly by items I picked up on this forum.

I substituted tossing a medicine ball and bodyweight squats for my usual pre-workout light stretching and found this a more complete warm-up (thanks Ecogenx and Hel320).

Squats I did free-standing and full (thanks Skidmark). I found that this was a more comfortable movement, despite being more demanding. Not having to worry about hitting �??correct�?? depth was liberating, and the stretch reflex more immediate. Lunges seemed to be contributing to my squat stability (thanks Soldog, Eco and Skid).

I found pull-throughs more effective when I did not lock out at the top of the movement, but maintained the tension (thanks DaddyZ). The push-up handles I used (for the first time) made enjoyable an exercise that I had never liked due to associated wrist pain. Overall bench strength decreased with the BW push-up focus as I took up for only a few test sets a much wider grip that in the long run should, however, be beneficial to increasing poundage.

From a videotaped powerclean session I realized that I had compartmentalized the first and second pulls, so I tried to integrate them better into a single movement; by the end I was also racking more sharply �?? being able to drop the weight was an aid in that regard.

While I didn�??t make any progress in poundage on the press work sets, apart from not aiming for such anyway, I think that was a function of hitting it �??heavy�?? twice a week (enjoyably different change for a short time, but more than my joints can handle for any longer period) along with the other triceps-related work. Box jumps were great glute-demanding fun (thanks Mday) and I worked up to the 30�?? the last week.

I got an Iron Mind pinch block and have taken a real liking to it (thanks Skid); but found that with too much chalk on my hands it was like trying to hold a little vaseline-covered watermelon.

I got the ab wheel work up from knee- to standing-level (but still rolling towards a wall to restrict extension), where it is really hitting the right spot deep down.

After a few days back here, we were off again for more than a week in Tuscany. It was great country for heavy stone-carrying, but here is what I did instead as a further change-up light routine every other of those days:

Push-up: various widths and heights x ca.160 reps total
Band row: 5 sets x 20 reps
Band pull: 4 sets x 20 reps
Squat: BW / various bands alone and in combination, 7 sets x 20 reps
Lunge: BW, 5 sets x 20 reps

I got the bands in the States (nos. 2,3,4 from APT); could have used a no. 1 or something lighter; only figured out later I could have done band pull-throughs �?? well, I am learning. I look forward to incorporating some band work into �??regular�?? training later.

Nutrition: I can recommend highly the Biotest Grow! Whey and their chocolate protein bars (if you are traveling or just have a sweet tooth). I also went through a bottle of Biotest BCAAs in the States and figure they helped me keep up with the increased training volume.

Up next: Back to the gym here, where the squat rack will allegedly be kept at least through April. I will be working on a revised version of the Lunch-hour log routine, keeping what worked, changing other stuff around.

No target numbers for the next eight weeks as I will be putting the new squat and bench form into practice and working on building up deadlifts again; but I plan to test new maxes sometime in October to chart then the next go-round. I also see there is a lot going on in the forum now, especially with fellows heading to meets, so I think I will not keep a log here for now but rather only contribute to others�?? fro a while.

Great to have you back. Glad you had a good time. Impressive workouts for being on vaction.

Geech, great to have you back!! It looks like your vacation was very very prodcutive. I am sure all the form work will pay off with some PRs very soon.

Can’t wait to see how things progress.

Welcome back. Sounds like you had a really good trip and got a lot more than relaxation out of it. Really like your point on compartmentalizing the first and second pulls on the cleans. I’m going to make a point of checking mine and making sure it’s a single movement.

Good to have you back Geech!

Just my opinion - but you should still post a log. I know I’m interested in seeing everybody’s training to get ideas for myself.

He was gone?

jk. Can’t wait to see more posts from you.

Alright Geech, let’s get the log updated buddy. I always enjoy your thoughts and insight on your training. Welcome back from the trip.

geech, you have to start a log. Like to read your workouts and ideas.


We wanna see it!

[quote]skidmark wrote:


We wanna see it![/quote]

Yeah, post!post!post!


Aw, shucks fellows, aren’t you busy enough with your meets to worry about little old me? … Talk about peer pressure!

Let me figure out what I am doing enough to be presentable and I’ll start a new log in a couple of days.

[quote]1Geech wrote:
Aw, shucks fellows, aren’t you busy enough with your meets to worry about little old me? … Talk about peer pressure!

Let me figure out what I am doing enough to be presentable and I’ll start a new log in a couple of days.[/quote]

Presentable? That doesn’t stop us…

What ever happened to Geech and Mday? And I haven’t seen Elaikases,formandfunction or JimmyT for awhile.

And Colin made a brief reapperance and then vanished back into the bowels of on-line gaming again. Mday said they blocked this site at work and he didn’t have internet at home. Do miss those guys.