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What I Came Up With for 1st Cycle, Comments?

I’m 46, 5’8, 178, 15% bf - training for past 5 years, weight lifting 3x a week, running, swimming 2-3x a week. I came to a conclusion why not to add some mass to my body. Currently my doc put me on TRT because of low free Test, using Axiron.

I was thinking of AAS for a while so this made my decision easier. I hate that sticky liquid and later will be injecting Test and HCG instead. However before I do that I would like to do first “real” cycle for mass. After a lot of reading I came up with following - see pic above. Please review, comment. Thanks.

Nolvadex is unnecessary on cycle. To control estrogen, you want an AI. They work totally differently than the SERM.

No need to do PCT if you are just going on TRT anyway. If you do decide to do PCT, don’t use HCG.

How often are you injecting HCG during your cycle?

How often are you injecting Sust during your cycle?

How are you splitting up the dbol each day?

I would stick to test/dbol only. What is your basis for wanting to add the proviron in as well?

VTBalla34, thank you and I really appreciate your respond.

o.k. I’ll keep Nolvadex on hand if gyno strikes and
will use Arimidex 0.25 EOD week 1-11 and 0.125mg EOD in week 12

I plan injecting HCG 2x a week 500 IU each time.

I plan injecting Sust 2x a week 250mg each time.

I split d-bol 2x d, 10mg each time.

I wanted proviron to help me with water retention, rising free test - sill like to add it week 6-12, 25mg 2xd

I’m also thinking to add

…Deca, week 1-10 of the cycle at 300mg/week…

but I’m on the fence here. Deca is detectable for a long time and I’m competition swimmer. So it is between Deca and skipping swimming season next year.

Thanks one more time.

Do not add DECA. You want to judge how you react to minimum compounds before adding in more. You have 3 new compounds already added, which is already pushing it.

Just an aside, HCG is best used at 250 iu three times per week. But probably not much different than what you have planned.

Yes, even with no Deca it is a lot for my first cycle. I’ll do HCG 250 IU 3xweek. Thanks