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What I Ate Today Evaluation

I’ve posted in training sections and guys have been great enough to offer their opinions and advice, so I figured I’d throw some nutrition stuff out here. Here’s a typical training day(bodybuilding style training for aesthetic purposes)…

730am: Whey shake(30g pro), apple sauce, graham cracker
Intra-workout: 30g dextrose, bcaa
Post workout: 4 scrambies w/spinach, english muff with natural grape spread, 3 turkey sausages
12:30ish: Shake- mix of milk and almond milk to 10 ounces(i have no idea why I started mixing the two), 2 tablespoons of yogurt, 2 handfuls of berries, whey(30g), 1 cup of oats, teaspoon of almond butter.
3:00ish: chicken breast, 3 uncooked ounces of basmati rice, greek arugula salad with watermelon and banana pepper(they make it in the restaurant at work and its friggin awesome)
6:00ish: 1 cup of low fat cottage cheese with pineapple
Dinner: varies…5oz ground beef, baked potato, and a handful of veggies(broc, cauli, squash, etc)
Pre bedtime: ice cream with half scoop whey(12g) cuz if it doesn’t have appreciable protein, it’s out.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been gaining much, if anything and I’m full all day. I am 38, 5’7" and between 155 and 160. Reasonably lean I guess, 6-pack when flexed and decent definition throughout. i know bf% are arbitrary, but maybe 12-14%. Wondering if it’s a matter of trying to just add more food, or that I’m at or near my mass limit. Pre thanks for all those kind enough to offer their thoughts.

You’ve half answered your own question.

You’d have to be very lean at 155/160lbs at 5’7 to be anywhere near your “mass limit”. So that’s not really what’s up.

What you are eating sounds good. Lots of variety, fruits + veg and good sources of protein. However when it comes to gaining/losing weight the total calories consumed is what will determine your success. Also worth tracking or keeping protein high to maximise favourable body composition changes.

If you’ve not been gaining much then you’ve certainly not been in a consistent caloric surplus.

Consistency is what makes diets work. You hear about the hardgainers who eat like pigs and can’t gain weight they do it half the time. Eat big one day then eat small the next and you’ve stayed exactly where you are. Same with those are a bit on the fluffy side. Diet one day then go off diet the next and nothing happens.

It’s long term adherence that is effective. Consistency and discipline with every single day done right a step in the right direction. Days, weeks, months or even years as long as it takes just keep taking steps forward. You go off track doesn’t matter you’ve only set yourself back a day.

Even if you don’t count macros if you eat similarly everyday it’s easier to change your caloric consumption by consistently adding and subtraction stuff.

I’m not a big eater myself but some things I’ve done include a big glass of milk after every meal. Even if you are almost full from the meal I can always quickly down some liquids.

Seems like you get plenty of protein. You can eat more of that if you want but carbs will fill out your calories effectively too e.g soft drink or fruit juice

Lots of things you could do: More eggs, more chicken breast, post workout shake, more carbs intra/pre workout, pasta (more calorie dense) replaces other carb sources, snacking on food or drink etc.

I would suggest that you keep a log. Dont put everything you eat down. Instead, just tick at each meal if you ate a good sized meal with protein, veggies plus fat amd/or carbs and cross if you miss a meal or under eat in anyway (there are habit apps which make this easy if you prefer that).

See where you land after 2 weeks and report back on compliance and change in weight.

Choices etc don’t look bad, but do you have any idea what the total numbers are? Too many people obsess about their selections but have no idea if they’re actually giving their body the quantities of nutrients end it needs to reach their end goals.


@khangles @strongmangoals @The_Mighty_Stu guys, thank you for your thoughtful replies. I really am consistent with what I eat. The days food I posted was training days, 4 days/week. The other days just a couple things change, but pretty much same week to week. Monday is my day off and that’s the only wild card day and sometimes I don’t think I eat as much.
As far as numbers go Stu, what I posted earlier came out to be a bit more than 3100 cals with 250p, 310c, 100f according to myfitnesspal. I double check the numbers with the food labels and seems pretty accurate give or take a few, maybe I’m wrong. Thank you again!


No. It’s not this.

Eating to gain weight just sucks, unfortunately. Not gaining? Increase calories until you do. It really is that simple (although it’s not always easy).

I feel for you though, dude. I’ve hard time eating enough to gain too. It does get easier with practice.

Haha Thank you, Yogi. I only say that because I’m 38 and I wonder how long one can go on gaining any appreciable muscle mass, and also considering my genetics(i know they play a small role, but a role nonetheless). And yea, eating 3000 cals is a struggle for me. I also want to keep gains lean. I don’t like the idea of adding 5-7lbs to only have 1 or 2 be muscle. Guys have offered good ideas about how to add more cals and @strongmangoals had a good idea to basically track the days I’m getting the cals in vs. days I’m not.