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What I Ate This Week - Please Help My Diet


185 lbs
Doing 5/3/1 with Bodyweight assistance


Bench:160 lbs
Squat: 165 lbs
Overhead Press: 85 lbs
DL: 205 lbs

I am skinny fat and weak, so I want to fix my diet ASAP, and maintain a SOLID diet.

Here's what I ate this week. Please give me advice regarding what I should add, take away, and substitute. Thank you!

-Two ezekiel bread otast
-1 cup of oats


-foot long tuna sandwhich sub

-greek yogurt
-wheat germ
-fish oil


-chicken breasts
-sweet potato

-1 cup of oats with honey
-2 slices of ezekiel bread
- 2 tbsp of pb
-1 protein shake

-1 vpx protein bar

-canned salmon


-1.5 scoops of whey

-baked potato
-chicken breasts


-1 cup oats
-1 scoop of whey
-glass of milk

-vpx bar

-chicken salad
-1 can of tuna



-greek yougurt


-1 scoop whey
-1 cup oats
-2 slices bread
-peanut butter


-2 scoop whey with milk


-potato, pb soup with veggies


- 2 slices bread

-vpx protein bar

-whole wheat bagel cream cheese
-grilled chicken salad

-roast beef sandwhich
-black bean soup

The VPX bar is 33 grams of protein, 400 calories

Protein is ON Whey


trying to clean bulk...btw

increase muscle mass with minimal fat gain


hey, write down the macro break down by day and i'll take another look at it.


Yeah, macro break down would help. You generally have good food choices, but just from an eyeball I would like to see more fat and more protein on this type of diet. Specifically I would like to see more saturated fat. Throw in some ground beef or pork somewhere. Are you gaining weight at all? If so, how is the quality of your weight gain? How are your workouts?


For wanting a solid diet...you have a lot of protein shakes. You need more whole protein (eggs, steak, ground beef etc.) Quit relying so heavily on protein powder.


why? what the hell difference does it make really? and how is whey not a whole protein? everyone always makes this comment when people drink a lot of protein shakes.

what is your rationale? its a high quality protein source, convenient, and fairly cheap. so explain why he should quit relying on them?

i eat close to 400g of protein a day and id say at least 150g is from shakes, thats not far from half my intake.


basically, what it comes down to is "am i eating enough protein?" if the solution to that problem is drink more protein shakes, id rather do that than not eat enough protein. just my opinion though.


Do yourself a huge favor. Quit trying to 'clean bulk' because you don't even really know what it means yet. You're short-circuiting your newb gains with this diet. Eat like you mean it. You're never going to get anywhere if you think this is a bulking diet.


this, however, is something i do agree with.

lift weights, eat chocolate cake.


Agreed, but the shakes are far from a necessity for eating big or getting enough protein in. I'm doing around 5000+ calories a day right now, with adequate protein, without any protein shakes (outside of my PWO shake, that is).


ya, i didnt say it cant be done. i guess my point of view is do what you have to do and coupled with that is if it aint broke dont fix it. if he is gaining weight and can afford to use that much protein supp. have at it.

im a graduate student, a teaching assistant and a research assistant, working on a policy evaluation for an organization that i cant disclose. i eat meat 3 times a day but have a protein shake between each meal. it works with my schedule and im gaining weight.


Absolutely. Nothing wrong with that either, just pointing out that it can be done either way.


More importantly than where the protein is coming from is why if you're goal is to bulk are you skipping meals?

11/8 no lunch
11/11 no lunch AND a fairly small dinner

Don't label your bulk as clean or dirty, its all subjective. Do yourself a favor and eat more.

Here's another issue: where are all of your vegetables, particularly leafy green vegetables. Which are the ones healthiest for us. Spinach, cabbage, lettuce, brussel sprouts...

11/8 - no leafy greens except maybe a single piece of lettuce on that sub. 0 servings of vegetables.
11/9 - presumably 2 servings of broccoli.
11/10 - a salad and a serving of broccoli. I'll be generous and say this is 3 servings of vegetables.
11/11 - some veggies in a soup... I doubt any leafy greens so this doesn't count. 0 servings of vegetables.
11/12 - not sure whats in the soup but if its black been I'm going to guess it was black beans and corn which doesn't count thats all carbs and sugar. 0 servings of vegetables.


Oh and in general, it looks like you're eating a lot of carbs and probably filling up on them. Try to fill up on meats and veggies and use carbs as tools for energy. I'm not suggesting dropping carbs or anything especially since you're bulking but I imagine you're getting full from eating potatoes and oatmeal when you need to be getting full from meats, fish, poultry, and eggs.


Good for you, this guy isn't even eating close to 400g of protein. 250g of your diet is from whole food if my math is correct...so whats your point?

Why don't you go park your ego, you clearly have things straightened out. This guy doesn't.


hey man, dont go attacking me as an egoist. i just asked you your rationale for the comment. without knowing this kids schedule; lifestyle, etc etc. you made a blanket statement about relying heavily on protein powder and i just wanted to know why you think that relying heavily on protein powder will be detrimental to his diet.


Shakes are great, never said they were detrimental. I got noticeably better gains with whole food than i did with protein shakes with no change of routine/intensity etc. When i get to 200lbs and over (I'm 5'10") I'll start supplementing with extra protein from shakes.

Personal experience is my rationale, this guy needs to get his normal diet in check (more whole protein) before supplementing.

If he's short on time and that's the reason behind so many shakes then fine, there is nothing wrong with that. If i was tight on time i would be drinking a lot of them too.


now that is a far more constructive post compared to your original and is in fact good advice.