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What Home Exercises for the Calves?

i don’t know which exercices between this one and this one, possibility to weighted but first i want try to do 4x100 _


I do standing calf raises with my toes on a 45 lb plate to increase the range of motion. You can hold dumbbells to increase the resistance.

Hill sprints


Really? I’ve been thinking about giving these a go, for conditioning purposes. Never considered they’d help with calves though.

Maybe walk on your toes all day.

ahah yeah yeah with jacket weighted

Hill sprints what is it ? do u have a guide or something thx

Been doing this every day for three weeks and definitely have bigger and stronger calves (also starting from a very small, weak place, which helps…)

Read this too.

Particularly Paul Carter’s contribution because it can be done anywhere with stairs.

Edit: to add weight to my body I’ve been threading some KB’s through rope and attaching them to a climbing harness. An even easier way to add weight would be to fill a backpack full of anything heavy.

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Find a hill, and sprint up it. Walk back down. Sprint up it again. Start off with like 3-5 sprints. Maybe even just walk up it a few times to prepare. Work your way up as you get better at it.

Warm up well, and maybe don’t do it if you are very overweight (although you could probably walk up a hill just fine no matter what), or if you have zero experience running or being athletic. Again, walking up a hill should work no matter who you are.


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yeah along with all the other benefits they can really chunk them up. Dan John recommends them as the no1 calf builder for athletes.

Stretch out calves A LOT afterwards(and hips etc)


Damn looks like Im doing hill sprints

Hello I cb to u, for hill sprint it is not important even if the hill are short? Thx

As long as takes 5+ seconds(equivalent 40yd dash) should be fine

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ok ok i will try to find that, 2 time by week and look if it is enough for calves iam lazy to add one exercices more for calves even in supersets in my prog huh