What Have You Done Lately?

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First time poster, but long time female almost 42 yr old lurker here. Saw this thread and had to report my deadlift pr. I know this isn’t heavy compared to some of the awesome powerlifting women on this site, but I pulled 215 on my deadlift for the first time ever, which happens to be 1.5x bodyweight. I felt like an idiot with the sh*t-eating grin on my face for the rest of my workout, but the most I had ever attempted before that was 185, so I was stoked!

I love reading your logs, and seeing that I’m not alone in my trials and tribulations. Thanks to all of you on the O35 and the powerful women forums who have given me encouragement throughout the last few years to persevere without even knowing it.


Well welcome aboard!

Forget about everyone else. I started this post to challenge people from within themselves. If you can’t think of anything you have accomplished lately, it’s time to get moving.

Keep up the good work and keep your foot on the throttle. I guess it’s going to be awhile before we see you posting yourself in the “Rate my physique” forum?

Thanks for the welcome doublelung84. Yeah, don’t see posting in the “rate my physique”, anytime in the near future. :wink: Maybe I’ll start a log if real life ever slows down…

this summer deadlifted 530 and close grip benched 370x1 … last night benched 300 for the 1st time since i bad strain/ minor pec tear.
45yrs old about 200-225lbs most days.