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What Have You Done Lately?


Since our 35 and over section seems to be lacking some new subjects, I thought I would start a new one.

Recently this year I hit a personal fitness goal of my own. I was wondering what recent goal other guy/gals have achieved this year. It is motivating to hear about fellow 35+rs that are still giving it hell.


I am still alive.


Wow this must be the clinically dead forum. I thought someone here may still have some game.


I think back to school has a lot of people off the forums. Unfortunately I've just restarted my training which is a good goal in of itself. As of tomorrow I'll have made it through my first cycle of 531 without missing a workout or quitting because I usually get sick a few weeks in to starting to workout. Probably due to overdoing it right off the bat and unable to recover. So I consider myself in good standing to keep going.


I got my walker up to a good mile and a half per hour and took three excellent shits in one day.


Hit my goal this year iam 38 years old I lift viscously at the gym my goal was set at 230lbs on cycle shit bro iam 233lbs after cycle and pct and now iam busting out with a new cycle that I started today next goal 240lbs by spring oh by the way doublelunger love the name iam a avid hunter iam counting down to opening day of bow season bro


I ate @ 2.5 lbs of drummies and wings yesterday. Lost count in mid 30s.


Seriously. I did a rack pull of 315 after a couple years of 275 max deadlift.

Started to see some shoulders.

Benched 175 after years of 155 and maybe sorta 165.

Conditioning way up - sled pulls are painful but awesome.


I competed in my first PL meet and finished first in my division. Looking forward to my next!

And I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night!


Doing bottom breathing squats-tonights max was 445 for 5 breaths at the bottom and tomorrow is 450 lbs. My goal is to reach 600 lbs or so with the bottom breathing squats. The BBS is a different monster than regular squats and I'm excited to see how they improve my max. Lifting 5 to 6 days a week now on a Bulgarian style program and loving the thrashing my body is undergoing.

Oh yeah, I'm using no gear-only raw lifting with a belt sometimes.


First time poster, but long time female almost 42 yr old lurker here. Saw this thread and had to report my deadlift pr. I know this isn't heavy compared to some of the awesome powerlifting women on this site, but I pulled 215 on my deadlift for the first time ever, which happens to be 1.5x bodyweight. I felt like an idiot with the sh*t-eating grin on my face for the rest of my workout, but the most I had ever attempted before that was 185, so I was stoked!

I love reading your logs, and seeing that I'm not alone in my trials and tribulations. Thanks to all of you on the O35 and the powerful women forums who have given me encouragement throughout the last few years to persevere without even knowing it.


Nice work there! Glad you jumped in and posted that...


35 yo. Hit a PR a couple months ago in DL at 455. Goal is 500. Now 4 years removed from back surgery for herniated disc. Never thought I would be able to deadlift or squat again 5 years ago.


A 215 DL is nothing to scoff at. You should be proud.

Grats on the post op success. I'm sure that's a very challenging road to travel.


Nice work! How's the gym weights moving?

About the name, I think most guys think it has something to do with running. lol!


And I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night! [/quote]

Yea yea yea, been following your posts; damn impressive number! What's your next meet?

I won't tell the wife that's where you were.


Well welcome aboard!

Forget about everyone else. I started this post to challenge people from within themselves. If you can't think of anything you have accomplished lately, it's time to get moving.

Keep up the good work and keep your foot on the throttle. I guess it's going to be awhile before we see you posting yourself in the "Rate my physique" forum?



Sometimes you don't realize how much you want something until it's gone. Glad you got it back. It would have been easy to pack it in and use the back problem as an excuse.


Thanks late2thegame! Congrats on your PL first place. Saw your vids, you made the lifts look easy!


A 215 DL is nothing to scoff at. You should be proud.

Thanks for the acknowledgement Wiex, I am proud. :slightly_smiling: