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What Have You Achieved in the Past 10 Months?

How much weight have you added to your lifts? How much muscle have you gained/fat loss? You can also mention any improvements that you’ve made bodybuildingwise, e.g. gained an inch on your arms, finally able to squat without pain etc.

I’ve finally managed to rep out 230kg (~506lb) deadlifts (from 150-160kg), added 30kg to my standing military press so right now it’s 100kg (~220lb) and gained ~17lb in bodyweight, though I’ve also increased my waistline by nearly an inch.

Doesn’t necessarily have to be 10 months, it can be 6 months, a year, whatever. Post away.

Been much longer than ten months, but… lost 100 lbs. Gained 4o lbs. Lifts way up. Still a lot of work to do and that is why I am crushing it every day training and diet wise.

Positively altered body composition and become much stronger, can’t ask for more than that.

[quote]waylanderxx wrote:
Positively altered body composition and become much stronger, can’t ask for more than that.[/quote]

Haha, yeah, I hope that’s what everyone else is achieving, otherwise it’s just going to be a waste of ten months. I remember the first year of my training I didn’t really progress much (8kg db curls to 12kg db curls at the end of the year?) and it cringes me everytime I recall back how much money and time I wasted for such an insignificant improvement. Keep up your nice work!

Dropped almost 90lbs last year, made some positive gains on my structural issues (back problems), working on gaining some quality muscle this winter and come spring I plan on finishing leaning out.

Since November of 2008 I’ve gained 45 lbs. As far as strength, if we go back to July 2008 my bench press 1rm went from 205 to 315. Dumbbell curls from 30lbs to 60lbs for 8 reps. Incline dumbell press from 60 to 105 for 6 reps. Seated machine row went from 140 to 250 for 6 reps and I’m currently maxing out the pec deck for flyes.

About 18-20 pounds lighter but stronger.
Waist down 4,5 inch, chest,legs ,arms around the same size they was.
deadlift bodyweightx2 for 4x8 + + Slowly growing, no need to hurry :slight_smile:

im only 17, but in the last 10 months, Ive put on 20 lbs, my squat has gone from 255 x 4 to 280 x 13, my bench has gone from 205 x 1 to 205 x 7, my deadlift has gone from 275 x 1 to 275 x 17
Im doing 531 now which is the reason all of my recent PRs are soo damn high in reps…

neelydan has gotten married, put on about 15 pounds of fat, and drastically reduced strength

[quote]NeelyDan wrote:
neelydan has gotten married[/quote]

Well then you have achieved more then most of the guys on this forum :slight_smile:
Congrats man!

lost 40 lbs of flab this year, all my numbers went up

In the past year I started powerlifting and put up a 1400 pound total raw @220.

Well for myself, went from 66kg (light I know), to 68.7kg, bodyfat at 6.0%, gained 4.45kg of muscle and dropped 1.75kg in fat. Lifts have all risen considerablly crazy in the last 2-3 months, went from benching 70kg to 110kg, squats were around 70 - 80, now pulling 145kg and squats were at 60kg, now 125kg… all thanks to Tmuscle :), knowledge is power :))))

gym only had dumbbells up to 75lbs. they got a renovation and got up to 100lbs !

lifts went up 15-25lbs each

Since I started 5 months ago, I’m reping 120kg squats, 2 1/2 inch on legs (27 1/2), an inch on arms (15 3/4), and I’m 230. Going nicely.

Wow. Everyone has progressed a lot more than me.

6 months ago
Incline bench on smith (bar added): 10 x 205
Front box squat: 5 x 185
Pull up: BW + 45 x 8
Deadlift: 365 x 8

Incline bench on smith (bar added): 10 x 245 (Happy about this)
Front box squat: 3 x 235 (I think I progressed in these just because I didn’t really do them that much before)
Pull up: BW + 65 x 8 (Happy about this too)
Deadlift: 365 x 8 (haven’t done this one in a couple months so maybe it’s up)

I don’t ever max. I really haven’t gained a lot of weight; maybe 5 pounds, from 192 - 197 at about the same BF maybe a little less.

I’m glad this thread came up. I hadn’t really reflected on the last year. The squat went up so much due to my discovery of sumo stance (Guys with long legs, you gotta try it).

Deadlift 385 to 445
Squat 245 to 335
Bench 230 to 265

Total went from 860 to 1045, and I’ve stayed around the same weight: ~180-185lbs. All lifts raw.

Since the beginning of '09 Ive gone from 215 lbs to about 195 lbs at roughly 10% bf. My bench has gone from doing 275x3 to 300x3. My front squat has gone from 215x4 to 255x4. I went all the way through the V-Diet which gave me epic self-control in terms of my diet, which was my main goal.

I also vastly improved my back squat form, though I still prefer front squats any day (I think it has to do with my body type, but I could just be rationalizing for some deficiency I have). Now I need to do something about my paltry deadlift numbers…

Following my three knee surgeries that were over after last May, I have increased my back squat from a tough 315 x 6 to 465 x 1 and 405 x 6. So that is roughly an 80-90 lb increase in max over 4 months. I am getting my groove back.

[quote]yusef wrote:
You gained 80kg on your deadlift in 10 months? You monster.

Last year I was still in the “do the latest workout” bandwagon, jumping from one type of training to another. Sometimes I do Max-OT then the next week I’ll do EDT etc. I knew about progression but it didn’t really hit me that I wasn’t really progressing until I saw what I wrote in my logbook. I realised that I’ve been using virtually the same weights for several months on end. I was more concerned about keeping my rest intervals to exactly 75 seconds, the eccentric portion of my lift is 4.3s, rubbing my nipples with the dumbbells during db bench presses (must do perfect ROM and form) etc.

Thanks to the articles and forum members here, I’ve finally managed to grasp the very simple “secret” of getting big and strong: Lift heavier/more reps than the previous session and make sure to eat enough.

I think DOHCrazy had a crazier improvements in his deadlift, from 505 to 635 in just a few months. FML