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What Have I Done to My Leg?

I was squatting last night it was my heavy day and I felt good, so I warmed up and decided to up the weight 5 kilos so I did two sets of 5 reps with 175 kilos, got to third set and felt some pressure and pain in my upper calf below my knee carried on for another rep and racked it. it didn’t feel good so I did some leg press it waa okay… a little painful, tryed leg extensions was too painful so I went home.

now I can still walk but walking up stair or getting off the couch is painful. As you can see im very stubborn with my training so I think ive royally messed my leg up, but I’m not sure what ive done, the pain is in my upper shin just below my knee but not theknee itself. Anyone have some knowledge to share?

I know it’s more common in younger people but possibly osgood-shlatters disease?

Well I’ve just googled that and it says its uncommon in people over 16 and im 21… plus Ive been trainig 4 years so It would be wierd for it to only just start affecting me now :confused:

Well now that we have insane random diagnosis thrown out…

Based on that history it’s likely some sort of soft tissue damage. I would suggest applying compression around the knee and only working through pain free ROM until the pain and swelling subside. If it continues to progress or doesn’t improve in a week or so go see a doctor.

Working out through pain isn’t stubborn, it’s silly. Learning the difference between discomfort and injury is important to longevity. Be patient with your injury, do some rehab work, and train smart and you’ll be back in the saddle before you know it.

Is your pain on the front or back of the leg?

I should note that if there are any signs of numbness or loss of blood flow from the compression, stop doing it.