What Has He Been On?

A guy I know has gyno, he is telling everyone down the gym he has benine tumours (how does he know they are benign before they are removed and tested?) also he slipped up and mentioned that part of the surgery he is going to have includes liposuction.

Anyway we asked a friend to check his medical records and he does have gyno 100%, personally I am very upset with this guy, having lost family to cancer, he is going around pretending to have tumours.

He has always stated for years that the only compounds he has used are: winstrol, HGH and clenbuterol.

not all at the same time either, it is my understanding that a winstrol only cycle would not aromatize on its own, so is he also lying about his usage?

he must have taken some other AAS right?

I don’t see how it really matters. It’s actually none of your business if he doesn’t want it to be. Every steroid user out there lies about their usage to somebody. The only people that really know the exact truth are your closest confidants.

Checking out someone’s medical records is not cool.

Also, you could argue that gyno is a type of benign tumor.

I knew I would get bad feedback for this, I should have left out the story behind the question, at least I am honest.

To be fair to myself i did not even know that someone was going to check his records and had nothing to do with it apart from receiving the info afterwards.

When a group of friends finds out that one of the group is lying and then finds out they might have been lying for a long time, it is rather upsetting and it does matter.

We and me in particular is this guys closest confidants, what is ironic is that if he had been honest all along it is possible that his gyno could have been avoided.

Horatio could you please argue that gyno is a type of benign tumour please, I admit I do not know a great deal about gyno, but I cannot understand how that is so.


You can’t be upset with your friend. Maybe his ego won’t let him admit to what he was up to. He could be super insecure about the whole thing and doesn’t want anyone to know. If anyone has a right to be upset its your friend for nosing around his medical records. Some people think Gyno is a personal issue. Just as personal as getting it up.

Would you be telling your friends you need viagra or you can’t preform? Highly doubtful. Lets face it a persons personal biz is there own and you really crossed the line. If you want to be a real friend keep his secret don’t tell him you know. So he can have some dignity.

How do you jump from Winstrol to HGH? It’s like switching from microwave pizza to caviar.

I didn’t think you seemed the type to snoop around on purpose.

Benign tumor - an inappropriate growth where the cells resemble the original tissue and do not invade other tissues.

It’s kinda a dodgy way to say what he has, but it could be what’s going on. The doctor could have explained it as such, and he ran with it, or there could be a lot of other things going on unrelated to steroids. What did his records say?

I don’t think you should be upset about him if he’s just calling it a benign tumor - benign is just that - even the smallest mole or cyst is technically a benign tumor.

Sorry about the sloppy post, but I have to go eat turkey!

[quote]Contrl wrote:
How do you jump from Winstrol to HGH? It’s like switching from microwave pizza to caviar.[/quote]

all in the name of vanity im afraid, the winstrol was for losing fat and now this is going to be the dumest reason for taking HGH you will ever hear so brace yourself, to regenerate hair growth.

Just to reitterate I did not check this guys records, and I am mostly upset he didnt tell me becuse i may have been able to help him avoid the situation he is in.

And if I was having erection problems then I have a few mates that I would feel comfortable sharing that with no problem, I can talk about things like that with my buddies and nobody is embarassed.

I see hoe the beign tumour explanation works, i do not think the doctor axplained it that way but I see what your saying Horatio thats a very fair comment.

So anyway forget the story behind the question if possible please, can you get gyno from HGH, winstrol or clen?

I am 99% certain you cannot from these

electric, gyno is something that most don’t even tell their family.

And to answer your question, whenever there is a change in the Testosterone levels in the body it can happen. There is pubertal gyno.

Any foreign substance (HGH, or winny) can have its effects if you are susceptible.

Even anavar (of all the gears). :frowning:

Guys, one of my friends claimed he did “flax seed oil” but it was really horse semen, any way you could help me hack into his private e-mails so I can expose him for the sham he is? Any experience in tampering with personal medical files would also be appreciated, he won’t get away with it!