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What Has Happened


I have not been following the forum for the past 6 months but am now back... What has happened? It seems like all anyone does anymore is flame on other users... Although there are still those that are helpful, I see that many users find it amusing to pick on, berate, and belittle any and all posts for any or no reason at all.


I agree; it seems like none of the skinny and/or new people can talk about their lifts or body weight without being ridiculed, although I can understand why people get pissed at the skinny guy picture threads. Other than that, as long as someone is showing progress in their lifts or size, I'm not sure what the problem is... all of the big guys had to have started somewhere.


no, it was like that 6 months ago too. I'm guessing you had gotten used to it and didnt notice it, but its been like htat for a while now. Altho in the off topic forum several people were quite helpful with my computer problems


I only joined in Dec, this place is a lot more civil than most other forums.