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what has happened to me???

Hey what?s up?
Dont wanna disturb you, but just got some questions and I hope some of you can help!

2 weeks ago i squated 250lbs twice.
Today I was looking forward do squat 255, now bet what happened. While warming up 155 felt real real heavy. Why?I mean I was so looking forward to this sessions and I was fine, but today 155 x 8reps was really hard.
I can?t understand that, my back felt really bad and so did I.
I was so frustated I throw everything away skipped my PWO shake and just cooked my self some eggs and tryed to relax.
Do you guys think that I should take a week full rest or train more?
I was doing Westside for skinny bastards.
Hope you can help

you don’t always improve in the gym in each session. sometimes you need to take a step back inorder to move forward. there are too many variables to list that affect performance in the gym. Maybe you were not ready to progress to that heavy weight. it’s not like you’ve been doing that weight for a month consistantly and all of a sudden you can’t. anyways have some patience and keep working hard. laters pk

I may need a week of rest.
I really felt bad today mentally and physically, still I lifted maybe I was wrong.I hate to skip sessions tho.

Ive always been told that if your head isnt into lifting you may as well skip it and do some cardio…its all about motivation my friend, and if you have none you wont do well. Then you just get upset that you didnt do well. It sucks.

Don’t worry about it. it’s normal. Diet is a major key so if you’ve been eating crap, more than likely you won’t progress as much. I paid the price over the weekend! I was feeling damn strong the week before ( i train westside) and i had to blow it by getting blasted at a friend’s party and eating crap the next 2 days before working out today. I could tell a big difference. Getting enough sleep is another one. Probably the biggest problem is doing an advanced training without training base or GPP at all.

What was your weight increase per session leading up to 250 lbs. Was it totally linear? My tendancy seems to be plateau for a period of time followed by dramatic increases. As was pointed out, lots of variables, both mentally and physically.

And don’t skip the PWO drink, even if you are mad. You’re body probably needed the carbs and protein,

Mtodag,as already reported in this forum, you have probably reached your best performance in the squat 2 weeks ago. I read elsewhere (Kubik) about a linear periodization cycle of 3 months. You start with 80-85% of your best load for a given exercise, then at each workout you add small weights in order to end your cycle with a new better performance. Then you begin a 2nd cycle lowering the loads etc. You can’t perform always at your best. A different approach is to execute a sequence of training programs. CW suggested for hypertrophy: ABBH, ABBH2, Quattro Dynamo, Single’s Club. In this sequence periodization criteria are evident as well.

I find whenever I dont feel mentally into it all I have to do is take Power Drive and then I am ready to go.

Ye, Im really looking forward to my sister who is coming back from her business trip from canada.
I let her pickupp some Joint stuff and Power Drive.

To let you know 250 lbs is not my PR in the squat. About a year ago before all this osgood shlatter bullshit started I was able to squat 280lbs at 16 years and 20lbs lighter.
I don?t know why I?m so fuckin frightened to squat thse weeks.
Can ya help?