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What has happen to...

I am posting this thread because of what I saw as an attack to one of our members(p-22) by some other member, (which is not even worthy of having his name mentioned on this thread) for having misspelled a word?! I know I might be a grandfather to some of you, younger guys but nothing takes the place of a respectful, honest and courteous attitude. We, the vets on this board are giving you “FREE” information which has taken us years to acquire. A lot of this information has been gained through research and a lot of it has been gained through personal experience. I believe that if you dare to respond to a post, have some kind of decency and respect for what is being given to you…specially when it comes from one of the most respect members on our board. When it comes to training and anabolics there are many differnt approaches and it is virtually impossible to please everyone. Oh, by the way, I sincerely hope to misspell at least 10 words before I’m done.

As far as I know ragging on people for misspelling words is just kinda something we do here. Especially on P-Dog, who is supposed to be a teecher.

If it was done in a spirit of being a jerk, then obviously, it’s out of line.

Nobody worth their salt is going to hang around a board where they are constantly fielding questions like:

Wear kan I git kneedells and steirod tablits?

The T-mag steroid forum has the best spelling and grammar of any board I’ve seen, which I interpret as an overall indication of the average IQ here.

People that have been around awhile appreciate it when you can compose a sentence properly and show some courtesy. Idiots are what drive the good people away.

warhorse both of you make excellent points.e machine is correct in his point that most of the guys are young with cocky attitudes,just their hormones are elevated higher than the respect level i guess.i am still learning more as i continue to enhance my pharmacy knowledge.we need all of you experienced vets to hang around.

I believe I am the one you are talking about, E-machine. I think respect goes both ways and have always done my best to show the utmost respect and appreciation to fellow board members, young and old.
Respect is a two way street, but if someone talks “down” to me or acts all high and mighty I do not believe respect is in order.
Thanks for bringing this up.

Here we go again. Man so many people with so many different opinions. Who really gives a fuck what the hell somebody else is doing. Fine give advice all day long but nobody says that anybody has to take the advice one gives. Everybody has their own ideas and opionions and we are each entitled to our own. We all do our own thing for our own reasons and you cannot force feed anybody somebody elses opionions or ideals. If that were the case alot of people would be in trouble in my neighborhood or P dogs neighborhood for that fact :slight_smile:

I need to add to my above post. This does not mean I am on anybodies side or for anybodies one opinion or think that anybody is wrong because if you ask me all of you are wrong for starting this whole gosh darn mess. There is alot better things we could be doing with our time right now gentleman than putting so much effort into such negative energy. GO TO THE GYMN.

“Wear kan I git kneedells and steirod tablits?”

LMFAO Warhorse

“The T-mag steroid forum has the best spelling and grammar of any board I’ve seen, which I interpret as an overall indication of the average IQ here.”

Very well said Warhorse. This is the reason why I’ve dropped every other forum I’ve been contributing to for the past few years. I consider T-mag my new home now.

I should have read this post before adding my thread to “post cycle workout protocol”. I won’t re-write all that was said, but ru12nvme hit it RIGHT ON. We are all subject to opinions and advice. It’s the reason why we come here, right? But it is up to the INDIVIDUAL to take that advice or not. No offense should EVER be taken. We can’t please everyone…

…kneedells and tablits… too fucking funny.

I disagree to a certain extent about everybody having different “opinions” to offer. Much of what I know is due to my knowledge and training in physiology/ pathophysiology, pharmacology, and Nursing skills and procedures. Many people may be experienced steroid users however to be able to understand the theory/ science and rational behind doing the things we do - a university education in the health care field is an invaluble asset. As far as giving muscle head advice here is the advice I gave him before his current cycle: Now that everyone knows that I am somewhat experienced in the “elbow” topic you may realize that I knew from my own experience that there isn’t a way to work through such an injury - you must stop doing what is causing the problem for the problem to go away:

(elbow pain during skull crushers/nose busters)

“Take it from a guy who had elbow surgery last year… Stop before it is too late! use lighter weights or something, but take a rest from triceps for a while, and ice them every day. You will be starting a cycle soon? This is a perfect opportuinity to really f**k em even more. You will feel a need to increase your poundages, and this will compound the problem. I know how it is to want to work out and ignore the pain-trust me! but this is not going to get any better until you decrease your loads, and take a break for a while”.

“when you hear grown folks talking you better stfu! you here?”

It’s “HEAR” P-Dog… not HERE. Good gawd.

I love you guys (sniffling and wiping eyes)

I disagree to a certain extent about everybody having different “opinions” to offer. Much of what I know is due to my knowledge and training in physiology/ pathophysiology, pharmacology, and Nursing skills and procedures

Yes, this is true. HOWEVER…there is a difference between opinion and knowledgeable advice. You can still offer both up but you still cannot force feed either to someone who does not want it. See what I am getting at? Sometimes it will always fall on deaf ears. Sorta like when my doctor trys and preaches how bad steroids are and he is talking out his ass and he has never done any research and he is only copying what everyone else says.

Prisoner…you are an invaluable tool here on this forum, remember that. Rember also that not everyone is always going to want to use that tool either or like what that tool has to say. That is part of the game too.

If everyone believed they were’nt right we would never have any fights.

Here’s just a little something to consider. Many of us are either on steroids/comming off most of the time on this forum. Now while I don’t beleive in “roid rage” entirely, here’s something I do beleive. Bashing people on the internet is a fairly easy thing to do. To a similar effect being a little more snite/rude than you would with someone in a real person to person conversation (just out of common decencey) is also alot easier.

Now combine this easy insult outlet with some nice doses of androgens floating around in your system + some stimulants + less carbs in like 2 WHOLE FUCKING WEEKS THAN MOST OF THE FAT FUCKFACES IN THIS COUNTRY STUFF IN THEIR FACES IN A SINGLE DAY! All that in consideration, and yeah we might not get along ALL THE TIME. Anyway lets try to settle down not children. Now repeat aftr me:

Drugs r bad MMM’Kay.

With all due respect, P-dog can’t spell shit. Have a good day.

haha! Now if you dont think thats funny you can just get the fuck out…

Thanks for all your input. I think all of you have some pretty valid points. I also think that when we respond to a post, we do it to help out the person asking the question(well, most of the time anyways)and at times we get back nothing but a cocky attitude(I’m talking in general terms here) by some newbie or not, who does not understand the nature of the response and therefore misses the main ideas of what we are trying to convey.

We are all bros,Americans,trainers,body builders etc. right? “Do unto others as…” you finish the statement.

yeah well, p dog knows how to spell dry humping.lol