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What Happens When You Go To A New Gym



-Everyone admires how big and strong and cut I am because they’ve never seen anyone like me


-The above never actually happening


Lol - my brother pointed out a while back that the true indicator that I’m never competing again is that I play on my phone between sets instead of pacing and glaring like a caged animal.

I thought I was just “mellowing with age.”




  • New people to strut around naked infront of
  • New change room benches means you are likely to find new angles to inspect your junk from
  • New conversations in the shower block or toilets


  • even a subtle change in air pressure or speed from hand dryers is very distracting when drying your scrotum
  • new break in period for young guys. It takes a while for them to chill over the beauty of another naked male body


Lol ok, so this was a good thread idea :slight_smile:

I’m looking around and seeing what I’m sure are the exact same guys you’d find at every single gym you go to:

-Old guy with a gut who insists on wearing an under armor shirt every day because despite the veins in his forearms I’m sure he hasn’t realized that he’s not what he used to be anymore.

-guy with pretty good upper body (zero legs) who must wear a string tank top every day, no matter how frigid the air conditioner and fans make the place, lest anyone ever question his jacked-ness

-young dude without much physique progress who insists on doing some type of boxing or martial arts looking thing between any exercise, almost(?) in an attempt to explain to any onlookers that while he may look like a total newb it’s by choice of pursuit.




I couldn’t be anymore of the 2nd guy if I tried :smile:


Pro: fun new machines to try out

Con: most machines suck


Pros: Nobody knows me, don’t have to interact with anybody.

Cons: And yet somebody will try to interact with me.

I don’t know if I come off too friendly or something, but I always get people trying to start conversations with me. A nod or a question about how many sets I have left/can they work in is just fine, but actual socialization at the gym just makes me annoyed.


I have the same problem. Was told I have a friendly demeanor and a kind face, so it’s easy to approach/talk to me. Isn’t a bad thing at all, except when I’m at the gym. I also happen to be one of the strongest guys in my gym(#alpha #doyouevenlift), so alot of people tend to ask for advice and ask what I’m doing since I’m easily approachable. I tried to take a step towards halting this by shaving my beard and just keeping the mustache, but I have just gotten compliments on the mustache. Next step is shaving my head. If that doesn’t work, swastika on the forehead.


I didn’t realize my world class resting bitch face was such an asset until this thread.



fist bump “Nice.”


• I get attached to whatever squat rack I find the most comfortable.
• I have to find where everything is located
• Not knowing the peak hours when the gym is packed to the gills for that specific location
• Seriously? No pool?!? Why was there a pool on the advertisement?!?

  • Mr invisible lat guy
  • 135lbs kid in a tank top that feels the need to look at his abs after ever set regardless of the exercise.


I worked at a place that had a gym for employees. I trained with a colleague for about 6 weeks. He used to say stuff along the lines of he goes to the gym to work, not socialise.

Then he’d go upstairs to his actual work, where he was paid to work and be the guy who’d do the rounds asking everyone how they were.


Glad I noticed this thread.

I recently joined a 24hour fitness club.

**15 min walk from home.
**A Rogue (?) multi-rack/ station thing, with bumper plates and platforms ect.
**Yes, new stuff to try, and new ‘stuff’ to look at.
**I have met some good lifters/people for sure; I’m glad for that.
**Price is right, and I’m happy to have it.
***If you lift with the bumpers, the weight looks…Huuuuge :slight_smile:

**many a “leg day” has been skipped.
**Most ‘trainers’ there just stink. No, I’m no expert. I know most of the clients are only there to exercise (and talk). Still, it’s hard to keep from noticing; bad technique, programing (lack of any)…just plain stupid, and even dangerous crap.
**Nobody…I mean NO Body, ‘works in’ at all. I don’t bother trying, but I will offer, if I know it would be easy to do so.
**Standing (in the way) on phones, headphones,…earplugs ect.: Just being oblivious in general.

There all some very good, even great physiques their; ladies and men. I’m sure, some other T-Nationers too.


Went from cheap fitness place to an athlete/sport/performance place.

Pro: No one ask for sex
Stuff is where it is supposed to be
Nice looking dude
The biggest dude of the gym will cheer any one on during a hard set, as long as the person really try
Fist bump/high five
Super nice equipment
Great music!

Con: More expensive
No entertaining douch bag
Limited hours but decent



I think I do a public service by wearing string tank tops displaying a perfect male specimen for all to admire and aspire to be.


I may be giving more kids false hope.


I’ve been going to the same gym for four years but whenever I’m travelling and go to whatever gym is closest people always talk to me. Usually it’s someone asking for advice which baffles me the most because clearly they’ve never seen me at this gym before so why ask me? I’ve been told before that I look intimidating to approach as well which makes all of this even more confusing


Never changed gym except for last summer, when I did two weeks in another while the usual one was closed.
It was a martial arts/karate gym with weight area upstairs.

-it made me appreciate MUCH more my regular gym;
-extremely cheap;
-met 2-3 guys I knew from my usual gym so it wasn’t totally weird (see below);

-no conditioning at all (I went in the hottest weeks of August), just an open window;
-no squat rack, had to clean the barbell every time;
-plates of a ridicolously small diameter, had to improvise using random shit as blocks to deadlift;
-heaviest dumbbell was something around 20kg/45lbs;
-benches had the weirdest J-hooks, they were made of something like rubber, very unstable and placed vertically at various (fixed) heights so near to each other that when unracking the bar could very likely hit the hook right above;
-average population (luckily, just a few) was made up of creepy old men who spent most of the time stalking the (few) girls in a fairly unsettling way


Maybe they have some new bars I’ve never been able to try before…?

No new bars
What’s the wifi password?


I help to run a powerlifting orientated gym while working in a commercial gym so have spent the last 10 years or so using these.

I joined a new one the other week and to be brutally honest, have had quite a ‘culture shock’. Either that or I am way out my comfort zone.

To be brutally honest, I feel quite alienated. It’s full of bearded roiders wearing snapback caps and looking serious as fuck, interspersed with lots of young folk, high firing each other, walk-in about with shit tons of equipment (foam rollers, those barrel jugs of water, wraps etc). I absolutely hate it. Everyone dresses to the nines while I’m stumbling about looking like a junkies carpet. Everything is just so clean. The music is brutal as well. It would give aspirin a headache.

Maybe it’s an age thing. I feel completely out the loop.


This was absolutely poetic.

I’m starting a chain where I can use a franchise in different cities this coming week. Hopefully I’ll have something amusing to add here.
My projected pro: I’ll convince myself I’m better than everyone; con: the fools won’t have the self-awareness to realize it.