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What Happens When You Go ON.

This log is not to be a question of morals or push anyone towards or away from taking the step away from natural, it is just meant to provide an objective lens on the positive and negative effects on my first cycle of injectables including increases in strength, bodyweight and notes on emotional and mental changes that I have noticed while on and any other side effects I will be getting my blood work checked every month. My background is in powerlifting and strongman and I have been training for 8 years. My 16 week cycle is as follows:

3X a week 250 testosterone propionate and testosterone cypionate Saturday, Monday, Wednesday
2X a week 250 Trenbalone enathate Sunday, Wednesday

PCT will consist of nolvadex and HCG

To be run on cycle and normally run year round
Tribulus 1g tablets 3X a day
Multi Vitamin 1Xday
Fish Oil 3 1g tablets 3Xa day
Testojack 200 2 caps 3X a day

Diet consists roughly of 4500-5000 calories daily over 5 meals and 2 shakes with oatmeal

Starting bodyweight: 242
Height 6,0
Bodyfat by Bioelectrical impedance 17.4%

Saturday 12/17 first shot using 22 gauge needle test cyp and prop
Eating everything in sight. The injection was painless and was into my right glute, I barely even felt it.

I will be posting updates every week and blood work updates every month. I hope this can be a useful objective tool for lifters who are seriously considering the possibility of running a first cycle and want an unbiased take and a realistic set of expectations.

Switched to 23 gauge needles because why not leave a smaller scar
site: left glute
250 tren no pain no problems

site: right and left quad
250 cyp and 250 prop
hit a nerve in my left quad and had the needle “bounce” a little back out, had to re-angle it’s stiff and painful but not debilitating

site right glute, right quad
250 tren 250 cyp in one shot 250 prop in the other
no problems

site: right and left delt
250 prop 250 cyp
the right deltoid was fine but on the left side I don’t know whether the needle was too shallow or I removed it too quickly but some prop leaked back out.

notes: My libido has been ridiculous as of 12/23 I am told as a result of the prop as it is fastest acting, no real noticable strength or size gains yet but I just feel awesome, all my sessions have been good days since I started and the quad pain has not hindered training. I believe this is mostly placebo of knowing I am on, as of this morning I have been unnaturally hungry. No real side effects yet, I am holding more water perhaps but no acne or testicular atrophy.

My curiosity compels me to follow this log.

Yesterday was the end of week 2
12/25 Christmas Tren 250
site: right glute

12/26 Test Cyp 250 Prop 250
site: right quad left quad

12/28 Test Cyp 250 Prop 250 Tren 250
site: left glute right quad

12/31 Test Cyp 250 Prop 250
site left quad right glute

notes: Libido has been off the fucking wall, if I didn’t have a girlfriend I would have added at least an inch to my forearms. Strength gains have begun to trickle in as well doubled and in a few cases almost tripled several previous maxes or near maxes for the first time weight is up 11lbs in total from start to now, waist is the same size carrying more water than usual hands feel a little bloated. Diet remains the same as it would when bulking not on but the odd thing is sometimes my stomach will feel full but I’ll still have hunger pangs. It’s bizarre. General feeling of well being and enthusiasm more so than normal, small acne outbreak on my back and face treating it with acne soap. No noticeable other physical changes, except increased rate of facial and maybe body hair growth.

1/1 New Years Tren 250 split up into 2 insulin needles and shot delts very comfortably
right and left delt

1/2 Prop and Cyp 250
right quad and left glute

1/4 prop and cyp and Tren 250
left quad and right glute

1/7 Prop and Cyp 250
Cyp was two insulin needles shot into delts again Prop was into left glute

Notes: Libido remains ridiculous, attitude generally feels more positive definitely more aggressive than normal in the gym and quicker to get angry when annoyed outside of it, acne has become substantially worse white heads which don’t entirely go away when hit with acne soap are coming in and my skin is oilier than normal. I have been told my voice sounds deeper, though I have no way to test it, facial hair is growing noticeably faster as is body hair, very slight possible testicular atrophy not enough to be noticed.

1/8 Tren 250 split between 2 insulin needles again
Right and Left delt

1/9 Test Cyp and Prop 250, 250
Right and Left quad

1/11 Test Cyp and Tren in 1 needle Prop in the other 250, 250, 250
Left and Right glute

1/14 Test Cyp 250 split between insulin needles Prop 250
Right and Left Bicep Never shot biceps before, felt more painful than any other spot so far probably not going to hit them again
Prop into Right quad.

Notes: Lost some weight on account of a hell of a week top weight at the end of last week was 261, presently 253 and feeling dehydrated. Acne is the same maybe a little better skin seems less oily. Libido is still ridiculous but I’m getting used to it now getting downright fucking furry though voice is definitely deeper as everyone damn person seems to notice it, put 10lbs on my 5RM Squat since starting cycle squatting and pulling only once a week barely get sore from either one in spite of having increased volume, post injection pain has been more limiting than muscular soreness. Some slight testicular atrophy is now noticeable. Feel nothing of the quick to anger feelings from last week, just feeling like a bigger, hornier me again with worse skin. Also I forgot to mention I am taking liquid exemestane on cycle to keep my estrogen down at 25 mg a day, haven’t noticed any gyno or nipple pain at all.