What Happens to Natural Production

I understand that natural production shuts down after starting TRT. If FSH and LH are suppressed, what else do these hormones do besides sperm and testosterone stimulation? I have an engineering background so i always think in these terms. I have a hard time believing that this human machine doesn’t make use of these the hormones besides the above mentioned. What unintended effects are we encountering? Any studies on this ?


LH is a precursor to pregnenolone and pregnenolone is a precursor to progesterone.

According to what i read pregnenolone is vital, not sure i get the shutting down of the HPA axis. Looks like one may fix one problem but possibly create another

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Given your engineering background you might enjoy these two links (click on attached thread below)…

Long term impact of shutdown at hypothalamus/pituitary, we dont know. Receptors for these hormones in the body other places besides testes? Some guys do hCG to mimic effects of LH. Others also supplement hormones upstream of testosterone.

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Another option to do TRT while maintaining or at least minimizing shutdown of HPTA:

Not attractive guys wanting the muscle building advantage of TRT+/TOT, but a very nice option to trial legitimate TRT for replacement levels.

Check out this thread:

and the thread that I linked in the last post of the thread.

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They send signals, and once you start TRT those signals aren’t needed anymore. Maybe like screaming into an empty well; you can do it if you like, but it’s not really doing anything. Some guys like also taking DHEA or Pregnenolone just to keep those levels up; I’ve seen no need to (but my DHEA isn’t low even while on TRT).

Anyhoo, I wouldn’t worry about LH/FSH being zero. I’ve been at it 5 years now with no consequences of it

EDIT: besides fertility, of course. But not worried about that at the moment

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The answer is- “we don’t know”. I spouted some of my thoughts linked above.

It’s an interesting question well worth discussion.

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I’m 62 not worried about fertility:). Thanks for the info

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