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What Happens If Someone Tries to Dox You?


@Chris_Colucci, hey Chris, what happens if somebody tries to dox another member based on a photo posting? Do you delete the post? Terminate the member? Or do nothing all?



Did this happen? If so, please email us at mods@biotest.net.



Not yet but I plan on posting some pics for a blast log and I worry about somebody IDing me. If it ever happened I would just want the post deleted



Yeah, we can do that.


Sorry brother, didn’t mean to imply anything. I’ve got some identifying tattoos and my wife got nervous


No worries! It’s completely understandable.


Thanks and good night


What’s doxing?


Searching and posting private or ID information with malicious intent (possibly to an employer, etc)


Leymans terms, being a snitch ass bitch


I thought he meant docking. If someone tried that I would be concerned.


You can also use a free site like Pixlr.com to do some basic Photoshopping and cover the stuff up. Works for me.

But like Phoenix said, it can be handled if it does happen. But generally, yeah, we don’t allow posts ID’ing people, revealing someone’s Facebook page, or whatever.

It’s also my understanding that actual doxxing - posting someone’s address/phone number/other personal info - may actually be illegal (possibly a federal crime, I have to double-check) depending on the person’s location. Someone posting “I found out that studhammer’s real name is Harmon McStudders.” is simply a dick move and may not technically break a law though, again, it’s in violation of forum policy and wouldn’t be posted.

The only “exception” I can think of that’s remotely related is like when folks found out RogueVampire was also posting on PlentyofFish with his exact same creepy behavior and posted a link to his profile there. But even that wasn’t about revealing his identity, name, or location (which wouldn’t be allowed, regardless of how much of a troll he was).

To be fair, we wouldn’t allow those pics on the site either.


How did you know that??



Knew what? What? Um, nothing. Nevermind.


Excellent progress since January 18 @Chris_Colucci . That Plazma though.


I don’t know what these forums do to uploaded images and their metadata but that stuff can contain GPS information. Make sure to remove that, I’d link a how-to but my connection is struggling for some reason.


Mine are just cell phone pics. Are those GPS referenced?


All day every day. Especially if you’re running android or apple phones. But for someone to look up the meta data on the pics would be very unlikely. I’ll bet you aren’t using a VPN or TOR to use this site. So they could bust you way easier than the metadata on your pics. Even then some of the nodes in TOR are run by the FBI.

But the feds normally don’t go after small time users who lay low. Now if you’re ordering a bunch of extra test and supplying your whole gym. Lookout.


I’m afraid Chris knows my Facebook as I like to post on the page lol pls dont dox chris


Thank you for the explanation