What Happens After Time on TRT?

I’m researching on the topic of “never-ending-cyle” AKA TRT :slight_smile:

I’m 30, I’m really serious about training, I’m a trainee and a trainer… I own a gym and, by now, I have find in training a new great life-style.

But by nature i’m curious, i want to know i want to discover, try and learn… So I’m wondering about a long time cycle based on test enth… But i would like to know from vet and researcher from this board what they think about benefits, doses and what about the end of the cycle… how long can it be? what about pct? and AI during the cycle?

There is no pct for TRT as TRT is a commitment for more or less the rest of your life.
Check the over 35 lifter forum as there is tons of good info on TRT there.

TRT is not the same thing as a “never ending cycle”, so I doubt you are going to get a satisfactory answer to your question. A cycle is designed to bring your T level well above normal for a relatively short period of time. TRT is designed for guys with low T to bring their T level up to high normal and keep it there.

thank you for the info, i have missunderstood some old post. Again thanks :wink: as you said i’m not after TRT :slight_smile:

You should talk with bushy. He’s on an extended, self-prescribed “TRT” of about 200mg/wk.

Bushy thank you for your opinion :slight_smile:
as always it is gold :wink:

I think however that i need a better understanding of myself and AAS and… i need to understand how to brew or i have to find a new job to pay my extended cycle :stuck_out_tongue:

Good stuff Bushy.

bushy with you running 200mg a week year round with your 2 weeks off a year. Do you ever use higher doses or stack your test with anything? Im planning on using something like this.