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What happens after Keto diet

I’ve been reading some of the keto threads, but don’t really see much about the real-life experiences of people after they’ve successfully completed the diet.

Once you re-establish a normal diet with carbs, do you find that the lean-ness you achieved by following the diet quickly vanishes? Or are the results achieved fairly permanent?

personally, I have found that I am never as lean once reestablishing carbs following a keto diet, but I do not believe this is due to an actual gain in bodyfat, but due to the fact that keto diets have a strong duretic effect. Plus, I am very carb sensitive. So much so that never really stay eating carbs for very long - I simply feel and look better without them. Bear in mind that many people are using keto diets as a fat loss diet and therefore it is hypocaloric, and once the diet has ended they add both carbs and extra calories, and this is what causes them to gain some fat back. Of course, this happens with any hypo to hyper switch, keto or not.

It totally depends on how you ease back into it. Normally I always ended a keto diet with a full-blown mass diet, and it didn’t take long to put the weight and fat back on. The last time, however, has been a different story. I’ve been off keto for two weeks now…I went up to 70 g. carbs for a few days, up to 100, and now at approx. 150 or so using the Don’t Diet approach and to my surprise I have maintained my bodyfat and weight quite nicely. Also using glucosol and alpha lipoic acid. I was going to go right into a Mag-10 cycle as I have just completed the first phase of Growth surge, but I’m thinking now I’m going to stay ripped for the summer and wait until fall to hit the mass. I’m a runt right now, but one hell of a lean runt!

I think that long terms results are highly dependent on how well you do coming off of the keto diet. Check out this AFC column from Berardi for more info:

I did a keto diet a few years ago. I lost 18 lb. I maintained the same weight for 8 months until I decided to bulk up a bit. Being carb sensitive and following advice for those that don’t have that kind of metabolism wasn’t a good idea. I ended up gaining a bunch of the fat back and very little muscle. Now I know to be more careful with the carbs.