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what happened

2 weeks ago my physique was the best it ever looked. so i continued on the same diet and the same exercise plan i normally do. I switch things up in my workouts like i normally do but now im totally flat! i have no striations like i used to my abs dont pop. Someone tell me what i need to do to get back to my old look

Do exactly what you did when you looked good! This may get you back to where you were when you thought you looked good.

While this may work for a while, after your body adjusts you may need to change it again in order to increase the growth.

Too much water retention or glycogen depletion are likely culprits.

We need a lot more info to make an educated guess.

Were you trying to bulk up for the past two weeks? What was your diet like?

What was your workout routine like, and what was the frequency/volume?

3 things that are SURE to make you flat within days or even earlier:

  1. Overwork. Workout everyday and make sure the volume is very high each time. I guarantee you you’ll add up to 5 lbs within 24 hours and you’ll look as flat as can be. You’ll also probably notice some fatigue and a decrease in performance. This never fails for me.

  2. Drastically increase sodium intake. This will smooth you out very effectively by enhancing water retention.

  3. Drastically cut carbohydrate consumption. If you go from a moderate/high carbo diet to a very low diet, you will definitely flatten out at first. Your glycogen stores will be depleted and your muscles will look somewhat flat.

Watch your sodium intake, have a moderate ammount of carbs (withing limits), make sure you’re not overworking and are fully recovered prior to your next workout.

If you dont feel motivated to workout, you may be overworked; If you work out more than 3 days in a row, you may be overworking. If your workout volume is very high and you spend more than 1 hour at the gym, you may be overworking. Sets of 15 reps strain the CNS more than sets of 5, so keep that in mind when planning rest between workouts.
Omega-3 fats will improve your hormone profile, speed up recovery and improve performance and body composition. Buy bumblebee canned pink salmon for a 1.07 bucks (in CT stop&shop) and will have roughly 10 g omega-3 fats per can, along with its 84 g protein.
ZMA will also speed up recovery.
Make sure water intake is high.
Make sure you get a post workout shake with 0.33g of protein/lb body weight and another.33 g of maltodextrin/dextrose per lb of body weight (as per Poliquin), OR have a protein shake with a 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein as per Berardi (dont know the exact numbers he recommends)
Vitamin C will help optimize your hormone profile as well by minimizing cortiso and improving testosterone ratios.
These are just a number of things that will affect you. Obviously none of us can tell you exactly what your problem is without any info pertaining to your diet/workout.

Please dont tell us you ‘think’ you’re eating this and that. You need to be SURE exactly what you put into your mouth.