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What Happened to Your High School Friends?

What happened to your high school friends? Do you still see them? Have they been successes or failure in life? Are they on the right or wrong path?

You get the drift.


What happened to your high school friends?

Most are dead. Some in prison. A couple have achieved stability and have pretty good lives.

Why do you ask?

working part time jobs while their future-crippling student loans pile up. switching their major so they can get a bachelor’s degree in Who Gives a Shit.

The ones that were expected to be burn outs (me) are doing amazing and the “top of the class” kids are all pregnant college drop outs. A few of the butterface chicks are models now and the hot asses you’d never get are whales with sick beer gts…I remember joking about this happening back in the day too.

Highlights from 2007

Medical Illustrator
Metal Band on a decent sized label…with potential for more
A future NFL reciever
a few teachers
a gang of nurses
A club owner

This list (in high school) would be the people that kept vodka in the locker and cussed the teachers out regularly. The “good luck flipping burgers” crowd…my friends.

I shit you not, 11 of our top 25 have kids and didnt make it past freshman year in college. One is in jail for robbing a 7-11


[quote]Ct. Rockula wrote:
I have issues.[/quote]


Sometimes I feel kind of bad for graduating 231 out of 234. Kind of like I shortchanged myself at a fundamental level.

Now is not one of those times.

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[quote]Ct. Rockula wrote:
I have issues.[/quote]


lol, I’m working on mine. Can you say the same, brah?

Funny, I actually became better friends with a lot of my former classmates after graduation, after the whole high school social order collapsed. Don’t know of anyone from my class who has been uber-successful. A lot of people have gotten married/pregnant in the last two years.

[quote]SkyzykS wrote:

Sometimes I feel kind of bad for graduating 231 out of 234. Kind of like I shortchanged myself at a fundamental level.

Now is not one of those times.

Rejoice my burn out brother.

does happy dance

Most are failures. Some are working on legitimate careers. The economy sucks for most of the recent grads etc…etc…

I’m not aware of any that can currently deadlift more than me. I win.

I think we should post our ages as well as that will be interesting to see.

I’m 25. Had a HS class of about 110, still hang out/am good friends with 15.

BFF is in Air Force
Then there is the Lawyer
Graphic Designer
Grad School, etc…

My school wasn’t full of social groups since it was so small, you knew everyone.
I was a late bloomer in the looks department so that’s always fun too.

I’m 25. I moved halfway across the country with my shoes on my feet ad am more successful now than most of the people I graduated with.

Thanks to facebook I can keep tabs.

LOTS of teachers.
Almost everyone had a baby or two.
Construction workers.
A couple of geniuses are over seas doing some stuff I could never understand.
Since I grew up 15 minutes from CFB Gagetown, many, many people are in the army.

And 1 guy I graduated with is actually a member on this site.

People get comfortable. I have friends that get very excited about sales at second hand shops, and I have friends with 300 dollar sunglasses.

Many of my friends from HS have hit the job market during the economic recession, while it’s tanking.

I think we all kind of consider each other in the process of ‘finding ourselves’ because none of us have badass careers or jobs because no ones hiring.

Alternatively, one of them is successfully working for Disney, and one got an IBanking job in London in 2009, so maybe I’m just a super-dope loser.

They are all on facebook trying to find me. Jokes on them, I don’t have an FB page.

  1. Dropped out of college; became carpenter; died in his mid-forties from a burst aortic aneurysm.

  2. Obtained Bachelor’s degree from one Ivy League university; obtained law degree from another Ivy League university; currently a successful independent litigator.

  3. Went to different colleges on and off, but finally obtained bachelor’s degree and one or more higher degrees. Was a community college administrator for a while, but went back to a non-administrative teaching position to have more time for family and for dealing with spouse’s recurring illness.

  4. Went to a community college; unknown by me what degrees were finished if any. Developed a landscaping business for a while. More recently owned (and probably still owns) a convenience store / gift shop in the hamlet where we both grew up. Hard-working small businessman.

  5. Went into the army after high school. Saw once or twice within the first few years; seemed to be doing fine. Lost touch. Probably doing ok.

Alot of the guys that I went to highschool with lift weights seriously now which is pretty cool. I think I’m the only one of my close close friends that ended up going to school, most are working in trades which was a good smart choice on their part.

As far as the rest of my class they’re all fucking around in college spending their parent’s money or racking up loans like I am with hopes for a decent job after.

Not a single one. It’s been 29 years since I graduated.

No one still hangs out with their high school friends?? Then again its only been 8 years. One of my bestfriends is singing for the band August Burns Red and the other plays in Evergreen Terrace. I still feel like someone should have hit me for picking an education over music.

goin into 4th year and I have a solid group of HS friends still. However 80% of them dropped off the face of the earth. Still really only talk to the same guys that I’ve known my whole life and now the university friends