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What Happened to Weeds and Entourage?


These shows used to be pretty good, now they suck. What the hell happened? I am addicted to True Blood though, I hope that it doenst jump the shark anytime soon.


I still like Entourage. You gotta figure though, it's hard to keep things fresh after 6 yrs

True Blood is awesome, but if goes another 4 yrs, it will lose its appeal too


Entourage has been slow this season. Andrew Klein trying to run his wife over was funny though.

Oh, and Sloan has bomb tits.


Entourage has sucked this season, and I was stoked for it.

Midway through and there's no real plot to speak of, E's girlfriend is hideous and irritating and Ari appears to be phoning it in.

Sloan's rack made up for the mediocrity of one episode, but that's it.


Yea, Sloan was the only character that kept me watching Entourage. Was glad to see her back in the new season. Entourage is predictable, but still somewhat entertaining.


I'm watching "Hung" lately.
Good stuff.


I don't watch Weeds, but I agree with you that Entourage isn't very good this season. The last episode was good, but the season so far is a big let down. Vince barely has a role, and Turtle and Eric have shitty stories surrounding them. Even Drama isn't that interesting this year.

The only thing I like this year is the Ari/Andrew Klein story and....Sloan.

What sucks is that season 5 was the best one yet IMO, and it's like they abandoned all the momentum they had going into the end of that season. Everything worked out in the finale, and now they have no main storyline for Vince. I suppose the writers want to build the supporting characters more, but right now it feels like a show without a main storyline.

I need to get on the True Blood though. I was planning on watching it and I've seen the first episode and enjoyed it, so I ought to catch up already.


I just watched Season 3 (or 4? whichever is the latest one to come on DVD) and I thought it was sweet. I'll be disappointed if the newest season is as bad as you are letting on...


weeds is awesome, true blood is complete shit and has been since season 1 episode 1


It seems that they're building more on the other characters rather than focusing on Vince & Ari.

I've loved the series so far, this season is taking a while to unwind.


I agree.

This is probably it, but I just don't like the way the stories are barely intertwined. They could focus on the other characters with a storyline that affected everyone, but they've chosen to have a bunch of small storylines that feel insignificant.

I would've rather they continued the stuff from season 5 that they ended so prematurely, as could've advanced Eric's character, and they could've added an element to Drama as he would've been the more successful brother again all of a sudden. And they could have had Drama suddenly supporting Vince financially, and that could lead somewhere. All that would be left was Turtle, but it's not like we really get to know him much more this season anyway.

It feels like the writers got too lazy to develop the smaller character the right way, so they opted for separate and boring stories for each.


Watch Dexter, yo. Badass show, the first two seasons (the only one's i've seen so far) are great. Leaves you with a cliffhanger literally every episode so you HAVE to watch the next one.


Finally someone sees how fucking boring true blood really is. I mean vampires, come on! All the Twilight fans must love it.


I haven't seen season 5 of weeds but that show cracks my sh*t up. I hope it's just a rebuilding year.


Let me break down Entourage to it's core.

Vince gets to sleep with hot/decent girls. E whines and talks shit to Ari. Ari says something funny usually about E or a gay joke about Lloyd. Turtle gets high and makes fun of drama. Drama bitches about Turtle and his tv show to anyone who listens. It got boring after the third season. Unless Sloan actually shows her tits I will not watch one episode.


Sucks equally the same. Twilight did it better and I didn't read the books or the see the movie, I just know. Seeing Anna Paquin's tits got old after the first time they showed them, and that was the only reason to watch.


Wow, is that your outlook on life? That's like saying why watch football, all they do is throw and pass the ball


I actually thought the last couple of seasons of weeds weren't great and this season redeemed it. The finale was probably the most satisfying of them all.

Entourage is pretty slow. I mean, it was never a deep show to begin with, I just think shifting focus onto different characters is a mistake. E is not a viable character independent of vince, sloan and ari.


True Blood is great is you are a junior high girl who likes piss poor acting.


Wait, you give that piece of crap Twilight credit and you haven't even seen it while shitting on True Blood?

I already gave my impression of Twilight, but let me say it again....any fucking movie that bastardizes the concept of vampires to the point that they act like vegans and can do just fine in sunlight (they only avoid it because it makes their skin shine like diamonds???????) can suck my lower left testicle. That movie was like the Disney version of Buffy the vampire slayer. But wait....you just KNOW it did it better.

There are few shows on tv that I enjoy watching regularly and they will ALL eventually jump the shark. I liked Lost, but hey, you can only keep that concept fresh with the SAME characters for so long. Heroes is on its last leg too. In fact, short of X-Files which seemed to get better after 3 years (before Fox left) and The Wire which kept redefining itself (making it harder for regular audiences to even keep up creating a niche following), not too many shows will be GREAT after 2-3 years.

True Blood doesn't try to be anything else. It just is what it is and I respect that. It's quirky and odd, and that is just fine for me. As long as the two main girls in it keep getting better, I'm all good.

Some of you need to lighten up.

Oh, I forgot to mention House. I still like that show.


I really liked the first two seasons of Weed but I stopped watching Weeds when it transitioned into darker comedy. I particularly didn't like the mexican arc and stopped watching when Nancy announced that she was pregnant.

I watched the first season of True Blood. It's not very good. Bill Compton is no vampire. Period.

Burn Notice and Dexter are fun to watch.