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What Happened To Torrents?


Does anybody know whats going on with BitTorrent and all the other torrent sharing programs?

I remember hearing about a month ago that one of the main programs (BitTorrent) was being shut down because of the RIAA and all those other suits, shortly after that I noticed that when I'd try to download things through BitTorrent, it wouldn't work - the downloads just wouldn't start. Then I started using other clients and they worked but I'm noticing that they're not working either. Does anybody know of any recent gov't legislation that would shut down all torrent-sharing programs or something similar.

Damn, just when I found something that kicked total ass and let me download full albums at once - the damn suits take it away from me.


still works fine for me!


Have you recently installed any security programs? I just installed ZA and it blocks alot of stuff that I actualy do want. Some of those programs have to be seriously customized to work properly.



and use Azureus as your bittorent client as you can regulate everything.


Working fine here, maybe it's just the site that no longer works.


and that's probably why i cant get BT. LimeWire works for me, though, not nearly as good as BT, im sure.


i use azureus with torrentspy.com


yea definitely AZ

I use bitlord...works great too