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What Happened to This Forum?


Anybody hear about any change in circumstance with offshore bodybuilding? I logged in yesterday, working just fine. Just tried to today, it’s out of service.

After Raw Deal, they shut down a forum that had a massive amount of very helpful/informative home brewing information. Perhaps more came of it.

It seems their domain provider shut them down, possibly for having too much traffic on the site (taking up too much bandwidth). That, or the owner stopped paying for it in order to protect any sources that may be posted.

Well, they thoroughly edited their forum a while back to where the only sponsors listed were legit businesses selling supplements or weight-lifting gear. Unless one of the owner’s name was brought up by the law, or they were required to shut down, I don’t know what happened.

Speaking of edited: Thank you for editing my initial post, Moderators. But I’m a grammatical Nazi, please be sure to capitalize company names for me next time.

Unfortunate, lot of good bro’s over at OSBB…hopefully it will return less the more controversial forums…

OSBB had a ‘change in ownership’ back before RAW DEAL.

Ownership changed, but evidently the old owner forgot to give the new owners all the information needed to keep the site up on the current server.

Now the new owners are scrambling to figure out how to get the site back up.

At least that’s the rumor I hear.

I certainly hope that’s the case. It’s a very useful forum.