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What Happened to Test Fest?


Jehovas was planning one, I thought. What ever happened to it?

Is anyone interested in trying to set another one up? I get lonely here in Philly.


You live in Philly, Lanky?


You're in charge, make this thing happen.


You know it! I'm assuming you do, too?

I'm also assuming everyone lost interest in the very idea of a test fest considering the response this thread got.

I'm so ashamed.


I'm not going for less than 15,000...

Oh wait, wrong thread


I'd go ... we should have people make their avatars into pins so we can easily identify people ... Lanky, you should wear a Bob Saget mask


Everyone else gets away with a pin and I have to wear a mask?

I'd probably just get a shirt with my avatar printed on it, that'd be a sweet shirt to rock at the bar anyway.


No, Delaware County.

Although, I practically lived there for a year and a half, while I was going with someone who lived down the street from the Italian market.

I'm not a big fan of the city. I'm even less of a fan of the parking and i'd like to blow up the Philadephia Parking Authority building.


You know someone is just going to show up naked, anyway.

Why not just do it first?


Seemed like it was going to be too costly and I'd have to upfront the money most likely.

to get like 2 speakers would be like $5k easy


So much stuff to bet on...

Who is the first male member to fuck?

Who is the first female member to fuck?

What comes first, fucking or fighting?

Over/under how many minutes before a drink is tossed in someone's face.

Over/under how long one of the girls slaps the shit out of anyone of the SAMA posters.

Who shockingly talks like Mike Tyson.

Who looks most like Col. Sanders

Which Texas member is the first to yell WHOOOO HOOOOO.

Over/Under a ton of beef consumed.

Over/under number of bra's hanging from chandelier by midnight.

Over/under number of fist fights.

Who wins the most fights.

This is liek Superbowl Sunday.


I have an office near Radnor. I could probably swing a reason to go work there for a week....


To be honest, I'm not even interested in any presenters, I'm just trying to hang out and get a couple lifts in with some t-folk.


I'm in the early stages of planning something in Cincinnati. I'm trying to see if I can afford to get Dave Tate to drive down 2 hours to speak.

I work at a rec center so I can get a really good price on a room and guest passes to the gym.


My gym is only open until 5 on Saturdays so I was thinking about doing something on a Saturday and just slipping the guy who works there $100 to stay open for an extra couple hours and letting everyone in. I don't think it'd be much of a problem but there doesn't seem to be too much interest in it so I don't see the point. It'd be cool if we could get like 20 people or so and we'd have the entire gym to ourselves.

Keep us updated if you get a Cincy fest rolling, though.


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I was thinking about asking some guys on here with special expertise to present something. Specifically you and Stu crossed my mind. I figured you could present some physiological stuff that I wouldn't understand anyway and Stu could give everyone a posing technique lesson, lol.


I am sure this is not what you are looking for, but it the Testicle Festival is in full swing (pun intended) in Rock Creek, Montana....


Push and Meesus posted pics of a wet t-shirt contest at this event sometime in the past...usually a fun time.


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