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What Happened to T-Points


They're gone...anybody know what's up with that? Just curious.


Eh, why do you care? You'd have negatives by now.

haha... kidding.

I noticed that too. Sadly, I dont think I had any. haha


Why would you like to give me some sweetie?

I'll reciprocate, promise :wink:


Recalled until further protocals are worked out.


I bet, because all the users like chinadoll would have all teh points...

I've seen this before on other forums...takes a while to get it down, because even when they think they have it figured out, the users still find ways to abuse the point system....


It was a Beta Test. After it was up and we got some feed back, we decided to take it down to revamp. It wasn't really what we were looking for.

The main issue was that we aren't trying to set up a popularity contest. And, even though that wasn't our intention, that's how it would have turned out.

We'll be rolling it out again soon, but it will be entirely different.


Yea, I found that just refreshing the page allowed me to vote again.

I'm sure they'll get it figgured out. I think they already said they were going to activate it early just to try it out first.


You ain't kidding...there is really no way around it though, unless just the mods assigned t-points...You might be able to slow it down some...


Aww thanks!


Seems no one is using the comment system either.

Maybe a link for comments directly under a poster's username? That would make it more widely used and useful. Moreso than the points, I think, that are always going to be about popularity. So will comments, but at least the IQ and EQ of the commenter will be visible.



this is a top suggestion.

Or you have big jugs.


es mucho gusto...